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Adjusting Gaggia’s OPV to compensate for altitude?

All of the following is explained in the video…

Alamogordo, NM = 4336ft
Rio Rancho, NM = 5282ft

March 2010, 1 3/4 turn CCW = -1.75
July 2010, 1/2 turn CW = -1.25
Oct 2012, 1/2 turn CCW = -1.75

I turned it another 1/2 turn CCW, so it’s now at what I’ll assume is -2.25

I think there is a difference but I’ll have to give it a few shots. I don’t drink much coffee so I either need to wait until it’s coffee time again (maybe later today) or have a guest over :P

Saturday, sept 29, 2012 – guests!

I’ve been using Swype on my phone for a a month and a half now and like it but I can’t type as fast and sometimes lately it’s been auto-completing really weird words. So, I’m finally trying something new – the very popular SwiftKey. So far, the I like it but, of course, it also has its own weird quirks. But I think I can get used to them. And it is very pretty when you get around with the settings.
Here’s what I’m seeing as I’m typing this…


I had guests and just wow…
I’ll let the video take it from here…