Recent tweets as of Aug 21, 2017

Police search for bear in Rio Rancho via @krqe #abq #albuquerque 21:10:20, 2017-08-18 Bear captured in westside Albuquerque neighborhood via @krqe 21:10:54, 2017-08-18 Bear sighting in Rio Rancho puts neighbors on alert via @krqe 10:12:14, 2017-08-20 Bear captured in Rio Rancho 08:54:34, 2017-08-21

Recent tweets as of Mar 18, 2017

Seen in our neighborhood… “Kill The Rich” and “Class War” #graffiti #abq #riorancho 11:48:51, 2017-03-13 Mother Returns Home From Women’s Retreat To Giant Smoking Crater via @TheBabylonBee 22:18:43, 2017-03-13 RT @DailyOscarWilde: Every one is worthy of love, except him who thinks that he is. Love is a sacrament … Continue reading

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