Recent tweets as of Aug 2, 2014

First trial run of a new streamlined morning routine that allows us to sleep in until 4:30 went really well! #cautiouslyoptimistic 05:59:41, 2014-07-27 Making the first gazpacho of the summer today. Topped with honey sesame sticks, served with mozzarella sticks and Naan on the side. 09:54:55, 2014-07-27 RT @vudufans: The … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Jun 21, 2014

The cats chased each other into the cafe, knocked over end table with Terra’s iced coffee. Glass, coffee; wall, floor, sofa; #grrrr. 05:59:59, 2014-06-15 The water pressure is slowly fading. I’m guessing a nearby water main busted again and we’re gonna have another waterless day. #riorancho 05:24:23, 2014-06-16 Well, here … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of May 12, 2014

RT @Dinnerwithdrew: @FDATobacco ecigs arent tobacco, they save lives. Any regulation that makes a vaper go back to cigs is shameful. #iam… 06:15:13, 2014-05-08 Thunder. Oh, joy. I’m in Walmart. #wetgroceries 14:05:02, 2014-05-08 RT @OnePerfectShot: Perfect shot from COMA (1978) DoP: Victor J. Kemper | Dir: Michael Crichton 15:28:38, … Continue reading

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