Recent tweets as of Oct 10, 2015

Cafe shelf Halloween village. 14:57:21, 2015-10-04 Silent Hill w/Terra 17:40:19, 2015-10-04 The candy cauldron shelf. 11:53:04, 2015-10-05 Quick grocery store trip on a beautiful misty morning full of balloons. #AIBF #AIBF2015 #abq #riorancho #newmexico 08:53:20, 2015-10-06 Underworld with Terra 19:53:34, 2015-10-06 RT @ABQreddit: [Question] Where … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Oct 3, 2015

Trying to devise a way to use this mister to create fog for this year's Halloween village. 09:47:25, 2015-09-27 630am grocery store trip for milk. #riorancho #abq #newmexico #dawn 06:53:19, 2015-09-28 Christmas Kitty 13:36:07, 2015-09-28 In my headphones… A Canticle for Leibowitz | 1981 | WHA Radio/Wisconsin … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Nov 1, 2014

For this last week of Halloween, I'm trying to listen thru all 48 chapters of We're Alive while I work. #audiotheater 10:18:15, 2014-10-26 RT @halloweenradio: This year we celebrate Halloweenradio’s 10th birthday. Join us on the dance floor and shake it with the undead … . ht… 08:42:24, 2014-10-28 … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Oct 25, 2014

I liked a @YouTube video Bad Drivers of Albuquerque Special: Balloon Fiesta 2014 10:23:24, 2014-10-19 I liked a @YouTube video from @z00100 18650 Battery Tests 07:21:01, 2014-10-21 RT @KJGuzzardi: Cafe Bella Coffee is hiring in #RioRancho! Are you a #Barista? If so, this is #best coffee house in … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of May 17, 2014

RT @OnePerfectShot: Perfect shot from LOGAN’S RUN (1976) DoP: Ernest Laszlo | Dir: Michael Anderson 05:48:17, 2014-05-13 HR Giger (phenomenal artist, designer of Alien) dead and the Reddit thread is a classic. 05:58:49, 2014-05-13 RT @OnePerfectShot: Perfect shot from #Alien (1979) DoP: Derek Vanlint | Dir: Ridley Scott … Continue reading

Best Halloween month ever so far, and a pause for Balloon Fiesta

Already eleven Halloween movies watched, including four hosted by Joe Bob Briggs on MonsterVision (ya’ know that late night show on TNT in the 90s) and all four Phantasm movies, the latter three of which neither of us had ever seen. There has been non-stop Halloween Internet radio – a … Continue reading

It’s been a crazy few days (Oct 12 – 16, 2012)

It was a full weekend for us and a three day weekend for Wesley… Needless to say, there was Balloon Fiesta and we all (me, Wesley, Terra, and Matt) had an amazing time. You can see a few vids of that here. That was Sunday. After balloon fiesta (very little … Continue reading

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