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Best Halloween month ever so far, and a pause for Balloon Fiesta

Already eleven Halloween movies watched, including four hosted by Joe Bob Briggs on MonsterVision (ya’ know that late night show on TNT in the 90s) and all four Phantasm movies, the latter three of which neither of us had ever seen. There has been non-stop Halloween Internet radio – a couple stations play songs, a couple play haunted house sounds and similar soundscapes and one even plays both. Many episodes of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes have played. And I took Walmart up in their Monster Cereals deal and the discontinued two – Frute Brute (attn Quentin Tarantino) and Yummy Mummy – are available this year…
Wesley gets to eat this for breakfast on non-school days. Speaking of which, he is off today and tomorrow and then another Thurs and Fri two weeks from now. So I’m making these Halloween days where he owns the living room all day and watches Halloween movies and such and even a couple Halloween games (like Ghostbusters and Silent Hill) and maybe some sugary snacks.
Oh, and Art Bell is back and we’ve been listening to a horror story on Pseudopod every night when she gets off work, so between all that and the great Internet radio stations out there, we have plenty to listen to.

We love Halloween and start all this at the beginning of October and make a whole month of it but there is always the one pause during the first week and that’s Balloon Fiesta. We went on the 6th, it was awesome. I shot a couple hundred HD videos, Terra shot almost three hundred photos on my Sony DSLR. That is all still being edited into one presentation and, needless to say, it’s a huge job. I finally have a first rough cut and it’s 29 minutes – I want it under 20.
When it’s done, I’ll post it. Until then, I leave you with the videographer and photographer…

First week of school is over

Thursdays and Fridays, Wesley is at school and Terra is at work. Just me, the house work, and my podcasts. But I survived. And he seems to be having fun. It’s only first grade so it’s not like much can go wrong.

Yesterday, I built my first successful microcoil. And my first successful Protank coil rebuilds. I used EkoWool. I did three of them but only have 30 gauge wire. 12 wraps got me 3ohm, 10 got me 2.7, and so I tried 6 and that is 1.8. I think I’ll build a microcoil for my Phoenix (my ADV) and my Phoenix v4 that I use for my after dinner cinnamon vape. I’ll prob do those today. I haven’t built a coil in my v4 in… uh… I have no idea – a long time. I build a new Phoenix coil every couple months for one reason or another.
Anyway, so far, I’m not convinced that a microcoil is all that different. Maybe it needs a mech mod to really shine. But I really think I like the EkoWool in a Protank. It wicks perfect – no burnt hits or gurgling. It’s really the best experience I’ve had with a Protank. However, it’s odd and I can’t quite put my finger on why. Terra says it’s cold and maybe that’s it. I know whenever I clean or rebuild the coil in my Phoenix with EkoWool, it takes a while until it’s perfect. A day or two. So, I’m assuming that’s what’s going on.

I’m really thinking lately about moving my coffee bar back to its original location by the cafe room. It would be more cramped but it’s just so far removed over on the opposite side of the kitchen. Making coffee means barely being a part of the social activity going on.
I’m still thinking it over. It’s a colossal pain to move so just trying it out and moving it back if I don’t like it isn’t really an option.

Btw, today is 43 days until balloon fiesta.

And now a note about Facebook. And I’ll word this as discreetly as I can.
I’ve been on Facebook pretty much since the beginning. Long long before it became what it is now. 2007, I guess. And I’ve always been very choosy about who I’m friends with. Until the last handful of years, that is. Quite a few people I’m kind of obliged to friend, ya know. And I’m starting to be sorry I’m on Facebook. Twitter is different – I follow and am followed by hundreds of people and I expect a lot of stuff I don’t care about. But Facebook was always different. And it isn’t now. And that kind of sucks. A very cluttered timeline and no way to be selective about what to see and what not to see. And so many people SHARE stuff everyday but never actually POST anything. It went from being able to read about the lives of people I care about to seeing almost nothing but their interests or favorite social or political causes that I may or may not care about but certainly don’t want to see posted to Facebook. It’s now primarily a platform for sharing links and news (or more often “news”).

It’s been a crazy few days (Oct 12 – 16, 2012)

It was a full weekend for us and a three day weekend for Wesley…

Needless to say, there was Balloon Fiesta and we all (me, Wesley, Terra, and Matt) had an amazing time. You can see a few vids of that here. That was Sunday. After balloon fiesta (very little sleep, then five or six hours on our feet at the park, in the cold), we made a day of sitting on the couch in our jammies, watching Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes and drinking a pot of siphon coffee so we could stay awake until dinner and a normal bed time. It’s probably been months since we’ve done anything that lazy :) Meanwhile, Wesley took a nap. We haven’t had him do that in a very long time but he went to bed at around ten and was up with Matt at three – Matt was obviously eager to get out the door and on our way. After his nap, he got to watch a movie in his room. It’s a rare pleasure but it’s Halloween month and he did get a new tv a few days ago (my old but nice 27″ EDTV) and we wanted the time to ourselves. So it was just win win. Later that night, we watched Apartment 143 on Netflix streaming in HD. I thought it was good despite it being confusing.

Matt spent the night before, rather than get up and come over at 5am. That’s the way he and I did it when I lived here before. So, that was Saturday night he came over. He and Wesley even stayed up an hour after Terra and I went to bed and had they had fun. Before he came over, we went to three thrift stores and came home with some much-needed clothes. Then Terra and Wesley watched The Monster Squad on blu-ray. He and I had watched it on Friday night.

Friday, Wesley had a day off from school. His day included a lot of Halloween Simpsons episodes while I did some housework.

Terra’s schedule really does seem to be leveling off now and we are starting (sorta’) to get used to this schedule. We’re at least mostly falling into step with it, figuring out a routine. But, we’re still tweaking things. What we’re trying this week is me going to bed rather than wait up for her on alternating nights. That way, she gets “me time” – something she has been missing out on because of this new schedule. Oh, and she has been getting home earlier, now that she’s more used to the job. Very few midnight nights lately. And no more favors of odd additional shifts.

As I’ve been typing this, Wesley is playing Ghostbusters – Sanctum of Slime on the PS3. It’s on sale on the PlayStation Store for $2.50 and fits our Halloween vibe. He seems to be thoroughly enjoying it.