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BioShock: A Radio Drama

This is a tough one to review.

First I guess I should say this is way above most fan audio theater productions I’ve heard. Not perfect – some real flaws in the editing and engineering but even those aren’t constant. So, yeah, quite good. And the acting is good. Sound effects are good. Love the nice long running time – a solid two and a half hours in two parts! Overall, this is really good. And much MUCH better than that other one.

It’s also tough because it didn’t have my undivided attention. I listened to part one in three attempts over two days – the life of a stay at home dad – so I surely wasn’t in sync with the intended pacing. And then I listened to part two while building coils and it took several tries (wow, Nichrome wire is tricky stuff!) so I was distracted.

But, I’m also biased. I was all geek boy about this one, just tickled to hear more about the Bioshock mythos, familiar Bioshock music and sound effects, etc. – this is very Bioshock-y. So, I’m not the guy to ask for an objective point of view. But, the geek boy really enjoyed it.
I need to listen to the whole thing again. And I look forward to that.

That being said, I’m giving it a tentative C+ and am keeping it so I can give it the chance it surely deserves.

Come below the waves and discover the story behind one of the greatest game franchises of our generation.

Richardson Revival Radio Presents:
BioShock: A Radio Drama – Pt. 1 The Rise of Rapture

Written and adapted by Spencer Richardson 

from the game franchise BioShock
and the novel BioShock: Rapture by John Shirley

Written, produced, directed, and edited by 
Spencer Richardson

Stage managed by
Shay Munson McGee
Kathrine Pruyn

Minnie Billings Come Home – Ice Box Radio Theater

I have never really liked live audio theater. I find it less immersive. Largely because it’s not polished. I prefer something that’s been edited to perfection. And I don’t like hearing an audience. But there’s so little out there that I think is truly great, I’m trying to be open to it. And I’ve liked what I’ve heard from IBRT enough that when this one hit my podcatcher, I gave it a try.

It wasn’t bad. Good acting, good story – or, good enough anyway. And it’s a simple story – human drama. I give this one a bit higher marks because I’ve kind of lived something similar. Minimal production, so not much to go wrong as long as the story and acting is there and it was.

I haven’t brought myself to use a rating system yet, but, everything I listen to is either something I save because I want to hear it again whenever I like or I say once was enough. And once was enough with this one but I have nothing bad to say about it.

Episode: http://traffic.libsyn.com/iceboxradio/IBRTS08E13.mp3

Recorded before a live audience, this drama of love and loss stars Linda Faith and Aela Mackintosh.