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I didn’t realize what an eventful week it was until I started writing this post!

Had an awesome time at Jason and Andy’s on Sunday. He made shish kebabs and she made cheese quesadillas for Wesley and Faith. Then they played in their little pool while we hung out and chatted around the back patio table.

Monday night, we tried Five Guys Burgers for dinner. Meh. It was OK. Way too messy. Next time, I’ll skip the mushrooms and grilled onions and maybe it’ll hold together better. Wesley made a huge mess of his. But, Terra loved it.

We slowly are building up our bicycle riding legs. And, uh, breaking in our, uh, seats. If ya know what I mean.
I am having all kinds of issues with the apps from both MapMyRide and Strava. GPS issues, specifically. It seems to need a reliable phone signal – not just GPS signal. It keeps showing my original position correctly and then – when our cell coverage gets iffy, which does happen all over our neighborhood – it says it has a GPS connection but still shows me at my starting point or to the point where I lost cell signal.
Very annoying – I’m losing a lot of workout data.

I have had very very mild allergies the last week and Wednesday it became a little more than mild. I guess something got in my left ear. It was ringing the second half of the day and then some roaring.
Yesterday, when I woke up, the roaring was so bad I was wincing during our morning devotions. By the time I was getting Wesley ready for school, I couldn’t hardly hear through it. Took some Sudafed and it went back down to ringing but I also had very annoying vertigo all day.
Last night, at bedtime, Terra suggested I take an allergy pill. Yeah, that did it. In fact, it worked too fast – the vertigo kept getting worse and eventually I was laying there, nauseous and sweaty like I had food poisoning or a hangover. Didn’t get to sleep for a long time – it was after 10 – then the alarm went off at 345. Maybe I’ll have a nap.
Anyway, today it seems to be mostly gone. Still some ringing but that’s it.

Oh, and I moved the bar back to its original location. It sucks when guests are here in the cafe and I’m in the the far corner of the kitchen when making drinks. No matter how pretty it is, it’s just not the same as being there in the conversation.

Yeah, it ain’t pretty – more like that mad scientist or workshop look. But I knew it would. At least I’m there, a part of the cafe again.
The frame on the wall is gonna have pics of previous incarnations of the bar as soon as I get the prints made. Monday, I hope.

Speaking of the home cafe, Mark Mason came for his usual Friday morning coffee and we’re almost out of espresso beans so I made him siphon coffee on the stove. It’s his first time to witness siphon coffee so that was cool.

Finally got Terra her own Phoenix RDA. I built her a custom EkoWool microcoil (came out to 1.8 and she prefers in the 2.4 range, oops) and added her favorite pink drip tip and she tried it the first time last night and seems to like it more than she thought she would. She’s been pretty much exclusively on Protanks for a month, maybe closer to two. Anyway, I hope she keeps trying it. It’s pretty much all I use, except for my Phoenix v4 for my after dinner cinnamon vape.

Have I mentioned that the group Terra goes to every Monday night is now doing a study of The Screwtape Letters? It was my idea :)
In October, I’m gonna start the church’s Self-Confrontation class on Tuesday evenings. I’ve taken it before, a few years ago, was even offered to teach it at one point. But, I’m desperate for some kind of class to go to. Besides, it’s a great class and hopefully will open some further opportunities for me. Get me back on the radar screen, at least.

Friday, sept 28, 2012

Terra and I successfully started our new routine this morning.  Had a time of prayer after I took Wesley to his bus, then she did some homework, then we went and ran a couple errands.

Got a couple more Halloween decorations I’m very excited about.
I’ve decided I’m gonna go ahead and put up decorations this weekend with Wesley rather than wait until Monday (the first).  Probably tomorrow.

The buckle on one of my favorite sandals broke today.  This is like the fourth time.  And they’re Dr. Martens, which should last forever!  Fortunately, we buy Docs we come across at thrift stores all the time, so there’s always a pair I can cannibalize a buckle off of.  But this is silly.  I don’t think it happened last summer but the summer before that it happened twice.  Always the same buckle, too. I have no idea how I do it.

Made an experiment for dinner – taco meatloaf – and it turned out really good.

Tomorrow, Justin Moore and Steve Puentes are coming over.  I think the last time the three of us were together was in my classroom when I was still teaching at the church.  I haven’t seen Steve at all since those days though I’ve seen Justin recently – he helped us move and we went and had dinner with his family a couple months back.

Wesley and I watched Bubba Ho-tep on Netflix streaming tonight – first time for both if us but it’s one I’ve been wanting to see for a long time.  I really didn’t much care for it.

Made some sugar syrup for the coffee bar in anticipation of guests tomorrow.  One cup demararra sugar, half cup water, microwave and stir until all sugar dissolved and I added a bar spoon of pure vanilla extract.  I think it turned out ok but I’ll let the guests decide.

Got very little housework done and don’t feel good about it.  Will have to catch up tomorrow.  I already warned my guests that they’ll be watching me do housework during their visit.
For my sanity, I must have social interaction while being a stay at home dad.  Since the work still needs to be done daily, that means people coming over, but the work must still be done.  Both are just the way it’s gotta be.

So, the balloon fiesta plan so far is Terra, Wesley, and I are going the first day, which is a Saturday, then on the last day, which is a Sunday, we’re going again and Matt Weeks is coming with us.  He will spend the night before – that’s the way we’d do it way back in the day when it was just him and I when I lived here before.

Terra keeps getting home really late.  I mean like 1130, midnight sort of late.  It’s been a couple of months since we stopped having slumber party nights and had begun new things to do alone as a couple and now we’re not able to do those new things lately.
Something’s got to change somehow.

Thursday, sept 27, 2012

Watched Superman the Movie on Netflix streaming with Wesley tonight.  Haven’t seen it since I was a kid and it was his first time.  I was impressed with what a good movie it was sometimes and what a bad movie it was other times.

We intend to start a new morning routine tomorrow now that we think we can see what a typical day will be like for us from now on.  We lost things like prayer time and her homework for her church classes since she started this new schedule and we think we’ve finally figured out how those evening activities will fit into our mornings.

Now it would be nice if she would get home from work before midnight most nights so we can do some of the things we planned for some wind down time so she doesn’t have to come home from work and go straight to bed.
She’s only had one midnight but a handful of elevens and those were mostly bad because I was too tired and just wanted to go to bed.  (Of course, my sleep debt is currently over ten hours.)  It’s just that we’re early bedtime people, conditioned to start getting lethargic and tired once the sun is down, and this trying to feel wide awake at ten o’clock and later is all new to us.

Speaking of our new schedule, she agreed to work a twelve on Sunday but it’s 6a-6p followed by her weekend so it’s not all bad.  But we will miss church.

It’s nearly 11 and I don’t know how long until she’ll get home so I think I’ll finally read The Walking Dead #102 while I wait. This is the first time I’ve held one in my hand – we read all previous 101 issues on our phones.

Wednesday, sept 12, 2012

My sleep debt is down to 7:38 thanks to not taking my phone to bed.  But, I woke up very early and had a hard time getting back to sleep.  Well, we go to bed at 9 and get up at 7 most days.  So, a change will have to be made.  But, I think that change is about to happen because of her new job.  She will be getting home at 10:30 four nights a week, and if I change my sleep requirement to seven hours a night (which I think is all I need), that would mean a bedtime of midnight would work out nicely.  That gives her a little wind down time after work, us a little time together, yet doesn’t interfere with my schedule (getting Wesley ready for school, etc.).
We’re having talks about whether I should be a full time house husband again.  I really want to work, but with her schedule, he’d always be at a babysitter and basically have no parents.  It’s bad enough he will see her very very little.  Plus, I’d have to get off work, get him, make dinner, then it’s bedtime.  And all cooking and housework would be on me anyway, plus a full time job.  Which means quick dinners and “good enough” housekeeping – a situation neither of us wants.  We’ll have to see how her schedule and floating weekends works out.

A couple balloons floated by close enough to identify them in our book – Patriot and Re-Max.  Balloon watching has become an exciting part of our mornings, even if they don’t get very close.


I am a genius…  At the nursing home in Alamogordo (her last job with regular hours – a YEAR ago), she used to come home to candlelit dinners with cloth napkins and the whole bit.  If I’m being a house husband while she works, it would be time to start that sort of thing again BUT she’s coming home LONG after dinner.  Well, it occurred to me that she could come home to a bubble bath!  Then, we stop having our weekend spns thing when I read a romance novel to her and we do that every work night instead of once a week.  A bubble bath and a chapter from our romance novel!  Eh?  Genius, right?  I think so.  And she loves the idea :)

Terra went in to her new job to do some paperwork and orientation type stuff.  Life will change drastically very soon.  Scary yet exciting.  And many rules in our family creed will be hard or impossible to sick to.  At least until she can get a day shift.

Tonight, we’ve decided to go ahead and shift bedtime to 10 and therefore quiet time at 830ish.  That will mean more free time after dinner (usually 6) so that will be nice, too.

It’s a crop of a bad pic but can you see Christmas Kitty silhouetted on our back wall watching cars go by?


I saw that out our bedroom window last night but just couldn’t get a good pic with my phone.

It was cloudy all day with occasional brief drizzles.  Now, at 4p, it’s raining with thunder.  Doubt it will last long.  I’ve had the doors open most of the day.  Fall really is coming.  REALLY looking forward to Halloween month.
UPDATE:  It poured for quite awhile.  And a little water leaked through the AC intake thing in the entryway.  It’s very wet outside now so I think it’s safe to assume no balloons will fly tomorrow :(

Terra went to her first self-confrontation class tonight and Wesley and I sat and watched YouTube videos.  I introduced him to Matt Harding of WheretheHellisMatt.com fame and found out he has a new video for 2012, which I shared with Terra when she got home.

Btw, that’s how I discovered that the PS3 YouTube app is having issues since the PS3 FW 4.25 update this morning.  I am extremely not happy about it.  It hangs on shots that are very busy and colorful in HD so I think it’s a memory caching issue.

We watched episodes 15 and 16 of H+ (which is in HD) and the issues consistently happened on the opening WB logo.

And I’m not going to say what happened to our wedding certificate today but suffice it to say it will never be the same again and that’s very sad.

Tuesday, sept 11, 2012

We got a couple small bottles of Torani syrup at Walmart the other day, caramel and vanilla.  This morning, I made Terra an iced vanilla latte and I had an iced caramel Americano.
We really do avoid flavoring coffee – we see it as what people do to cover the taste of bad coffee – we keep it on hand for guests who insist on flavorings.  But, needless to say, we currently have bad coffee that could use some covering up.  At least until we can get some more practice and better beans.

Btw, both drinks took between 9 and 10 minutes each to make, from pulling out the grinder to cleanup completion.  I make one drink at a time and like to be fully reset after each – everything clean and put away.

No phones in bed seems to have worked – I slept nine and a half hours last night!  I’ve been using a sleep tracking app since August 1 and so I can say definitively that it’s the most sleep I’ve gotten in over a month, at least.


I am almost caught up on my Bible reading plan, thanks to the YouVersion Bible app‘s feature that will read you your daily portion out loud.  (I’m using the ESV translation, which has an audio version – not all do.)

After several days of not being able to connect to my favorite internet radio station, 181.fm – Chill, I posted on their Facebook page to see if anyone else had this issue and got an immediate reply from Curtis, who works there doing I don’t know what.  He not only got me going again (he gave me a special backdoor stream link!) but even put me in touch with a guy named Justin, who is the one who actually programs the station!  It was like meeting one of the artists themselves and I drooled all over him telling him how much and for how long I’ve loved his station.  I told him it truly is the soundtrack of our life.

Did some house cleaning, still caught up on laundry.

Terra worked her side job this morning, came home for lunch, and then had to go see her patient in Bibo (hour and a half or so away and out of cell range) and, when she gets back, she has an interview at a place very close to here that called her this morning because of a resume she turned in there in MARCH.  Praying praying praying…
UPDATE:  She got the job!  She starts pretty much immediately and the pay is great.  BUT, it’s a bad schedule.  2p-10p, 4 on, 2 off.  Hmm…  A steady paycheck is great.  And it’s a nursing home, so it will be steady hours, and that’s great.  But, still.  She’s going to take it but we’re not looking forward to what this is going to do to our home life and our evening church-related stuff – both very important to us.

The garage door didn’t close when she hit the button on the remote this morning.  Took me forever to figure out it was the sun shining on the sensor, so I leaned a piece of flooring tile against it to make a shadow and it seems to be working.  Wow…  I fixed something :P

I mixed up a big batch of vape liquid today.  I have always just made a 30mL bottle at a time until all the nicotine liquid is gone but this time I used a condiment squeeze bottle, poured in all the nicotine liquid, then added 4 parts VG to that and shook it up.  We got some strawberry flavoring with this shipment for her, so I then took a smaller bottle and put one part flavoring, then filled it with four parts of the liquid I made.  I hope she likes it.  I’ve never made flavored stuff before.

We got our first electric bill.  It only covers 10 days but it’s $62.  That’s a huge relief.  We’ve been scared how much utilities would be and, if it’s only gonna be less than a couple hundred bucks a month in the summer time (we have AC, not an evap cooler) then we’ll be fine :)

After dinner, we watched my DVD of 9/11 – she’d never seen it and I haven’t watched it in a few years.

I guess tomorrow, she quits her job in preparation for the new one.  Big changes coming…