Recent tweets as of Dec 6, 2014

I liked a @YouTube video Baby it's cold outside 10:50:13, 2014-12-01 Just dropped off the dog with her owner. Mixed feelings about that. Wesley and Terra really enjoyed her. Despite the smell. 17:22:38, 2014-12-01 Third (or is it fourth?) Wednesday night church at our house. First time having visitors. … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Nov 15, 2014

Christmas Kitty had to be in the hospital overnight – emergency dental work :( And Doctor Hoo has been very lonely the whole time. 07:40:13, 2014-11-12 I liked a @YouTube video The Last Broadcast [FULL] 09:50:09, 2014-11-12 Christmas Kitty is home. They even shaved all those gross mats off … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Sep 20, 2014

Forgot to complain yesterday – going to the new church meant a lot of the old "Hi, I'm Christopher." then "Chris, good to meetcha!" #grrrr 16:28:47, 2014-09-14 RT @GoogleFacts: The computing memory of an iPhone is a lot more than what NASA's spaceship used to take the man to the … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Sep 13, 2014

Sensing lately the first subtle signs of summer ending. Good riddance. I've long despised spring/summer, I thrive in autumn/winter. 11:35:52, 2014-09-07 I liked a @YouTube video Albuquerque Cloud Waves 12:08:09, 2014-09-08 Battery safety first… #vaping Dead Shorting an MNKE 26650: 13:33:11, 2014-09-09 Had Pastor David from Eagle Ranch … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Jun 28, 2014

All my hate for this new dishwasher has faded since I started using Finish Powerballs. They’re amazing. #sparklydishes #happyhousehusband 05:34:34, 2014-06-23 Had Pastor Los from Redemption Church over for coffee and discussed how we could get involved despite working Sundays. #fingerscrossed 09:45:06, 2014-06-23 TIL the spring in my switch means … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Apr 27, 2014

RT @cnnbrk: The FDA proposes strict regulation of electronic cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products. 07:00:17, 2014-04-24 RT @TomiGirl36: If we continue the approach to tobacco we’ve had for 50 years, 430,000 Americans die this year. Oppose #ecigs ? #nuckingfut… 07:02:43, 2014-04-24 RT @GregTHR: I wrote this post on … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Tue, Mar 18, 2014

Making cinnamon pecan waffles with the family. It will be a Sunday after church tradition from now on. No more Wednesdays and Saturdays. 14:48:13, 2014-03-16 The night starts with 1984's Caravan of Courage – An Ewok Adventure 18:47:54, 2014-03-16 And now, 1972's HORROR EXPRESS w/ Christopher Lee and Peter … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Mon, Mar 10, 2014

Installed new steam wand, getting housework done, listening to @LosGriego (Redemption Church RR) podcast. I gotta have him over for coffee. 15:07:28, 2014-03-06 Two to go in season 4, Terra and I have watched 62 eps of Northern Exposure. We started Nov 1, watching one each work night (Th,Fr,Sa). 22:04:31, … Continue reading

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