Recent tweets as of Jun 18, 2016

RT @reformada1689: Ace hole 9 Roosevelt Paek Albuquerque New Mexico. Brand new #EMacTruth Lucid. #DynamicDiscs 07:59:46, 2016-06-12 New coffee guests! :) Carrie and Brian came over today. We met them at our new Meetup group. 13:35:08, 2016-06-12 Welp, tonight's the night. Terra and I are about to watch … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Jun 28, 2014

All my hate for this new dishwasher has faded since I started using Finish Powerballs. They’re amazing. #sparklydishes #happyhousehusband 05:34:34, 2014-06-23 Had Pastor Los from Redemption Church over for coffee and discussed how we could get involved despite working Sundays. #fingerscrossed 09:45:06, 2014-06-23 TIL the spring in my switch means … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of May 24, 2014

YAY!!! We finally get our own big #vapemeet!! 2014 Vape Fiesta #abq #newmexico #vape 05:24:10, 2014-05-18 I’m thinking this could be the summer I begin Wesley’s (8yo) serious #homebarista training. He’s watched for years and knows all the steps. 12:25:59, 2014-05-18 Someone asked ME #parenting #advice! HA!! I said … Continue reading

Christmas 2013, Act Three

I’ve spent probably 30 hours on this. And I still don’t like it. I like the other two vids I made but I just can’t get this one right. I’ve edited and re-edited and re-edited – I even started completely over once – and now I’m just abandoning it and … Continue reading

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