Recent tweets as of Oct 8, 2016

After six years of loyalty to (redacted), I may have a new favorite Halloween Internet radio station – Dead Air @98point3FM 12:49:31, 2016-10-06 RT @98point3FM: @ABQChristopher The evil reign of (redacted) shall fall this good eve! HUZZAH! 13:00:18, 2016-10-06 @98point3FM I read the Good Groupie interview and, yeah, you’re … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Nov 7, 2015

Halloween is all packed up to be stowed away for another eleven months. 10:33:17, 2015-11-01 Good morning!! Or not… And I had errands to run this morning, too. #grrrr 08:36:28, 2015-11-02 Two hours cooking dinner or half off delivery calzones from Pizza 9? #twistmyarm #househusbandnightoff 12:32:50, 2015-11-04 … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Oct 31, 2015

Halloween-ized cafe windowsill. 13:36:20, 2015-10-25 Monster House. With Terra and Wesley. First time for all of us. 17:58:16, 2015-10-25 Another cafe room windowsill #halloweendecorations 14:41:12, 2015-10-26 Saturday the 14th. With Terra and Wesley. #halloweenmovies 17:18:24, 2015-10-26 RT @RELEVANT: Here are 15 very sad, very hilarious Christian … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Oct 24, 2015

My recently begun coffee bag label collection. #homebarista #homecafe 18:20:52, 2015-10-18 Underworld: Evolution. With Terra. #halloweenmovies 18:27:55, 2015-10-18 On our back door screen. Black widow and prey. I may never sleep again. #notahalloweendecoration 15:14:22, 2015-10-19 Trick or Treat kitten is now eight days old. 11:43:23, 2015-10-20 … Continue reading

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