Recent tweets as of Mar 26, 2016

Bed time. The closest thing I get to being "home from work". #househusband 20:06:13, 2016-03-20 A balloonar eclipse. When a passing #hotairballoon blocks the sun our house goes dark. #abq #albuquerque #riorancho 08:18:27, 2016-03-21 Espresso. (Oops, pulled it too long.) #homebarista #homecafe 11:49:16, 2016-03-21 Terra likes when … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Nov 14, 2015

RT @StuOstro: Timelapse of downsloping on the Sandia Crest #nmwx 05:37:54, 2015-11-08 Making baked burritos. That Christopher signature recipe. #betterthanmeatloaf 16:45:20, 2015-11-08 Holly and baby Tricksie. 07:50:15, 2015-11-09 RT @RELEVANT: Sometimes being a good friend means boundaries and distance. Here are 3 types of friends to be … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Nov 15, 2014

Christmas Kitty had to be in the hospital overnight – emergency dental work :( And Doctor Hoo has been very lonely the whole time. 07:40:13, 2014-11-12 I liked a @YouTube video The Last Broadcast [FULL] 09:50:09, 2014-11-12 Christmas Kitty is home. They even shaved all those gross mats off … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Sep 20, 2014

Forgot to complain yesterday – going to the new church meant a lot of the old "Hi, I'm Christopher." then "Chris, good to meetcha!" #grrrr 16:28:47, 2014-09-14 RT @GoogleFacts: The computing memory of an iPhone is a lot more than what NASA's spaceship used to take the man to the … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of May 27, 2014

Huge hot air balloon just hovering right above our house. No more than 50 feet up – just floating, almost stationary. #abq #ehrmahgerd! 08:06:19, 2014-05-25 Wesley and I have identified the ballon above our house as Great Escape from Peyton, Colorado. #abq #hotairballoon #balloonatic 08:15:50, 2014-05-25 Way too much to … Continue reading

What an awesome day! (Monday Oct 8, 2012)

It was a great weekend and today was especially memorable. And it will not get the post it deserves because I just want to go to sleep. This morning had quite a few balloons and one that almost landed right next to the house. I’ll post some pics and vids … Continue reading

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