Recent tweets as of May 14, 2016

Terra's new phone wallet. Now she just has to replace everything that was in it. #stolenwallet 18:03:12, 2016-05-08 Wesley's first year book. Ever. 17:20:19, 2016-05-09 Threw nine holes with Adrian and Sean at Vista Hills here in Rio Rancho today. I miss weekly games at Rosie!… 11:33:06, … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Apr 30, 2016

Doing some internal adjustment (OPV) to my Ascaso espresso machine. #homebarista #makingamess 10:18:32, 2016-04-24 RT @DailyOscarWilde: How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being?14:14:12, 2016-04-24 RT @DailyOscarWilde: Women are made to … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Apr 23, 2016

Decent espresso shot. Still running fast, grinding finer causes channeling, grrr. #homebarista 11:28:31, 2016-04-17 RT @CSLewisDaily: “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal." ~ #CSLewis | #TheWeightOfGlory 05:26:10, 2016-04-18 BSG is on Hulu :) We never finished it on Netflix so we're starting … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Apr 16, 2016

Tried making a "shakerato" today. I guess I was a bit too vigorous. #homebarista #homecafe 16:49:13, 2016-04-10 Ha! Proof that I haven't been feeling good today and I'm not just being a baby! 18:14:31, 2016-04-11 At least being sick means getting to catch up on a couple movies … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Apr 9, 2016

I probably shouldn't have done that at bed time. #andhow #butbenandjerrys 19:42:05, 2016-04-03 Poor old, fat, shaved, toothless Christmas Kitty. He still has pretty blue eyes, though. 10:54:19, 2016-04-04 RT @ABQreddit: Blake's expands into AZ to welcome reception and massive lines [slideshow] #ABQ 05:30:20, 2016-04-05 RT @AugustineQuots: … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Apr 2, 2016

Doctor Who AND Carnivale! It's a good day to be an Amazon Prime subscriber :) 12:38:43, 2016-03-27 Buying Wesley a new spring wardrobe. 11:31:12, 2016-03-28 Espresso shot. Whoosh! It ran really fast. #homebarista 19:45:25, 2016-03-29 Another meh espresso shot. #grrrr #homebarista 13:53:12, 2016-03-30 Terra is shopping … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Mar 26, 2016

Bed time. The closest thing I get to being "home from work". #househusband 20:06:13, 2016-03-20 A balloonar eclipse. When a passing #hotairballoon blocks the sun our house goes dark. #abq #albuquerque #riorancho 08:18:27, 2016-03-21 Espresso. (Oops, pulled it too long.) #homebarista #homecafe 11:49:16, 2016-03-21 Terra likes when … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Mar 19, 2016

Doing the annual DST day sunlight dimming project. So it's darker at our 730 bedtime. 10:18:42, 2016-03-13 The other kitties are jealous of Christmas Kitty's special diet food. 12:12:52, 2016-03-14 Sleeping kitties. 15:57:12, 2016-03-15 So, yeah, an AeroPress has been added to my coffee bar. Now I … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Mar 12, 2016

My coffee bar. Did some rearranging and cleaning. #homebarista #homecafe #homebar 11:36:36, 2016-03-06 So it's true what they say about Aquila Reds. And these were my favorite strings yet. #grrrr #ukulele 13:02:44, 2016-03-07 Tricksie Kitten, do you really think that's an appropriate place to lay down?! 13:58:19, … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Mar 5, 2016

I've gotten nothing but sink shots from this new machine, no matter what I do. #grrrrAARRRR 12:05:57, 2016-02-28 Ascaso Steel Uno Pro V3 with PID: via @YouTube 12:23:30, 2016-02-29 Drawings by artists all over the country. From long ago when I did that sort of thing for a … Continue reading

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