Recent tweets as of May 14, 2016

Terra's new phone wallet. Now she just has to replace everything that was in it. #stolenwallet 18:03:12, 2016-05-08 Wesley's first year book. Ever. 17:20:19, 2016-05-09 Threw nine holes with Adrian and Sean at Vista Hills here in Rio Rancho today. I miss weekly games at Rosie!… 11:33:06, … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Apr 23, 2016

Decent espresso shot. Still running fast, grinding finer causes channeling, grrr. #homebarista 11:28:31, 2016-04-17 RT @CSLewisDaily: “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal." ~ #CSLewis | #TheWeightOfGlory 05:26:10, 2016-04-18 BSG is on Hulu :) We never finished it on Netflix so we're starting … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Feb 13, 2016

The other trinkets, mementos, etc. shelf on my coffee bar. Now with Blade Runner car! 18:23:28, 2016-02-07 A Zorkmid! This is one of the trinkets on my coffee bar. From 1981ish? #Zork #oldschoolgeeky #askyourparents 09:33:00, 2016-02-08 We came up with a picnic blanket at an indoor flea market … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Nov 28, 2015

Trick R Treat kitten is six weeks old today. 11:26:45, 2015-11-23 I put out a few Christmasy things in the cafe room. 19:53:15, 2015-11-24 RT @RRObserver: McDonald’s, St. Felix carry on Thanksgiving tradition 20:10:08, 2015-11-24 Xmas tapes time again! Radio stuff from back in tha day, incl. … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Nov 21, 2015

Rio Rancho founder Howard Friedman dies, age 90 #abq via @abqjournal 05:18:53, 2015-11-15 Terra sharing her breakfast burrito. Holly loves sausage and it turns out Tricksie loves egg. 05:26:13, 2015-11-15 RT @EddieStephensMD: I decided to write a letter to Caitlyn Jenner. I've only written the first line. So … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Oct 10, 2015

Cafe shelf Halloween village. 14:57:21, 2015-10-04 Silent Hill w/Terra 17:40:19, 2015-10-04 The candy cauldron shelf. 11:53:04, 2015-10-05 Quick grocery store trip on a beautiful misty morning full of balloons. #AIBF #AIBF2015 #abq #riorancho #newmexico 08:53:20, 2015-10-06 Underworld with Terra 19:53:34, 2015-10-06 RT @ABQreddit: [Question] Where … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Sep 26, 2015

Terra surprised me with the painting I wanted for Halloween in the cafe but I said we couldn't afford :) 17:00:41, 2015-09-20 RT @GoogleFacts: Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything. 04:38:26, 2015-09-21 Rooted my Nook HD, running CyanogenMod … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Sep 19, 2015

Baby bunny blood on Holly Kitten. 10:28:40, 2015-09-13 My favorite decoration for our cafe sofa :) 08:27:23, 2015-09-14 After Rosie… Christopher, Sean (1st time), Adrian, Rush. #abq #discgolf #albuquerque 15:22:47, 2015-09-14 DOLLY ZOOMING THROUGH CINEMA HISTORY 20:42:42, 2015-09-14 RT @OnePerfectShot: [WATCH] From Hitch to Tarantino: The … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Jan 31, 2015

Golden Corral for Wesley's birthday. Last time we were here he ate free. 17:54:58, 2015-01-26 I liked a @YouTube video Voltage drop fix for Mech Mods 20:40:05, 2015-01-26 I finally finished We're Alive ( ) and I can say unequivocally it's the best long-form #audiotheater I've ever heard. … Continue reading

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