Recent tweets as of Mar 5, 2016

I've gotten nothing but sink shots from this new machine, no matter what I do. #grrrrAARRRR 12:05:57, 2016-02-28 Ascaso Steel Uno Pro V3 with PID: via @YouTube 12:23:30, 2016-02-29 Drawings by artists all over the country. From long ago when I did that sort of thing for a … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Feb 20, 2016

I loaded the Nook with a slideshow of all my years of coffee friends, equipment, drinks, etc.. 18:20:29, 2016-02-14 In my headphones… Star Wars – In the Shadows 13:11:59, 2016-02-15 In my headphones… Transmissions from Colony One – season 3 #audiodrama #audiotheater 13:13:33, 2016-02-15 Yes, I'm in … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Nov 21, 2015

Rio Rancho founder Howard Friedman dies, age 90 #abq via @abqjournal 05:18:53, 2015-11-15 Terra sharing her breakfast burrito. Holly loves sausage and it turns out Tricksie loves egg. 05:26:13, 2015-11-15 RT @EddieStephensMD: I decided to write a letter to Caitlyn Jenner. I've only written the first line. So … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Oct 31, 2015

Halloween-ized cafe windowsill. 13:36:20, 2015-10-25 Monster House. With Terra and Wesley. First time for all of us. 17:58:16, 2015-10-25 Another cafe room windowsill #halloweendecorations 14:41:12, 2015-10-26 Saturday the 14th. With Terra and Wesley. #halloweenmovies 17:18:24, 2015-10-26 RT @RELEVANT: Here are 15 very sad, very hilarious Christian … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Sep 19, 2015

Baby bunny blood on Holly Kitten. 10:28:40, 2015-09-13 My favorite decoration for our cafe sofa :) 08:27:23, 2015-09-14 After Rosie… Christopher, Sean (1st time), Adrian, Rush. #abq #discgolf #albuquerque 15:22:47, 2015-09-14 DOLLY ZOOMING THROUGH CINEMA HISTORY 20:42:42, 2015-09-14 RT @OnePerfectShot: [WATCH] From Hitch to Tarantino: The … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Feb 21, 2015

Why are Christian movies so painfully bad? 12:16:54, 2015-02-16 RT @Bipartisanism: "I used to be the only pretty blonde woman reading the fake news. Now, there’s a network devoted to that.” #SNL40 http:/… 20:10:08, 2015-02-18 RT @GoogleFacts: Orangutan from Borneo photographed using a spear tool to fish. 20:34:12, … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Jan 31, 2015

Golden Corral for Wesley's birthday. Last time we were here he ate free. 17:54:58, 2015-01-26 I liked a @YouTube video Voltage drop fix for Mech Mods 20:40:05, 2015-01-26 I finally finished We're Alive ( ) and I can say unequivocally it's the best long-form #audiotheater I've ever heard. … Continue reading

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