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Doulos Corp – Interlude

Yup, I got a new microphone and you can now spatially hear where everyone is at the table.

Anyway, this is a non-story session.
We retcon the Lab Research and Experiments mini-game and play it twice with some revelations about Brain Water and CommCuffs.
And then we play Kids vs. Adults Doulos Corp Trivia Contest!
This really is the most fun everyone has had at the table.

YouTube videos of this session begin here…


Doulos Corp – Session 11 – Change of Plans at Brindle

Terra (Hera) had surgery in mid-March and, two and a half months later, is finally able to sit in an upright chair for prolonged periods again.
So, yay, the game now continues.

The videos of this session begin at…
…and are divided into the following chapters…
1 – New Character Descriptions
2 – Poxo & Vril’s First Jump Week
3 – Hacking the Comm Cuffs
4 – Hacking the Bridge Consoles
5 – Arrival at Brindle
6 – An Unusual Wave Job
7 – Harcourt Lavin Minkle
8 – Jump Week With Mink
9 – Arrival at Smuggler’s Notch


Doulos Corp – Session 10 – Cavma, part 3

The videos of this session begin here…
…and are divided into the following chapters…
1 – Cavma Recap and Car Chase Begins
2 – Car Chase Shootout!
3 – Car Chase Shootout! continued
4 – Racing to finish ship repairs before attack arrives
5 – Only five minutes left!
6 – Perilous Escape!
7 – Leaving Cavma, Jump to Brindle
8 – Character Development


Doulos Corp – Session 9 – Cavma, part 2

The videos of this session begin at…
…and are divided into the following chapters…
1 – Skill Marks Rules Changes and Recaps
2 – Poxo’s Story
3 – Vril’s Questions
4 – The crew considers their situation
5 – Planning a Stealthy Infiltration
6 – Infiltrating The XSI Facility
7 – Sneaking Through The Building
8 – Searching for Parts
9 – Let’s Get Out Of Here!!


Doulos Corp – Session 8 – Cavma, part 1

The videos of this session begin here…
…and are divided into the following chapters…
1 – Poxo’s House
2 – The Next Morning
3 – Ship Repairs
4 – Incognito Clothes
5 – Ship Prognosis, Dinner, Vril’s Device


Doulos Corp – Session 7 – Jump Week, Arrival at Cavma

Note – This session was also a Christmas Party for our game group, so there is Christmas music playing and we moved at a leisurely pace so I was able to cut more than usual.
The videos of this session start here…
…and are divided into the following chapters…
1 – Jump Week to Cavma Begins
2 – Brain Water Withdrawals
3 – Approaching Cavma
4 – Secret South Pole Base
5 – Emergency Landing
6 – Poxo


Doulos Corp – Campaign Recap 1 – Facts, Rumors, Conspiracies

This recaps all of the relevant plot information that has been given in the first six sessions and was viewed by the players at the beginning of Session 7.
The video version is here…


Doulos Corp – Session 6 – Halloween Special

The videos of this session start here…
…and are divided into five numbered chapters.

Here is the ship map…


Doulos Corp – Session 5 – Zub

The videos of this session start here…
…and are divided into the following chapters…
1 – Bosk Arrested
2 – Getting Bosk Back
3 – Wave Jobs
4 – Investigating the Drifting Space Box
(includes new Ship Sensors mini-game)
5 – Space Walk
6 – Trying to Open the Box

Felbrigg subsector map…


Doulos Corp – Session 4 – Leaving Dalla, Arrival at Zub

The videos of this session start here…
…and are divided into the following chapters…
1 – Leaving Dalla
2 – Making The Jump to Zub
3 – Jump Week to Zub
4 – Pirate Attack!
5 – What To Do Now That Jex Is Dead
6 – Landing on Zub
7 – Mel’s Hole

Here is the sticks puzzle image referenced at the end…