I don’t blog or Lifestream anymore.

The best way to get in touch with me is by text message or email.

If you are interested in my VHS Plex server, just get in touch with me with your Plex username and I’ll add you. Or you can drop by the Discord and request an invite.

If you want to know more about the story games I run, I think The Seafarer – A mystery thriller is the best group I’ve ever had, though the beginning was really disjointed as players joined and left.

If you are interested in the Doulos Corp story game, you can watch the videos or listen to the podcast. (Or subscribe to the podcast.)
Or you could read the Role Gate version, Doulos Corp – a far future mystery adventure of identity, fate, and other choices.
I am now making all the game materials available on Notion.
If you’d like to run it, get in touch and I’ll share all my GM/Referee materials.

I have a very outdated page about our home cafe.

We have several videos of our disc golf adventures.

I wrote audio theater reviews for awhile.

I did a one picture a day for a year thing on my Flickr account but haven’t used it much otherwise in a long time.

If you are here for information about my Google certifications, they are Tech Support Fundamentals, Operating Systems, Networking, System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services, IT Security, and the final Google IT Support Specialization.