My VHS Plex server

Yes, almost a thousand movies and several TV shows, (almost) all captured from VHS. With a few LaserDiscs and even a BetaMax or two.

Primarily obscure (and semi-obscure) sci-fi and horror movies, with some comedies and some other harder to describe stuff.Mostly 80s, some 60s-70s, some 90s – cult, weird, obscure, niche, uhf, recorded from TV, etc..

The movies are pretty meticulously organized into categories like Period Piece Horror (27),, Asylum, Hospital, School, Church (25),, Murder, Crime, Mystery, Investigation (50),, Dreams, Psychics, Psions, Visions, Insanity (30),, Horror Hosts* (61),, Franchise Horror** (96),, Ghosts and Hauntings (34),, Slasher Flicks** (71),, Demons, Cults, Witches, Satan, Curses, Possession (81),, Space Sci-Fi (38),, and more – fifty categories in all, so far.

(* – Horror Hosts includes Joe Bob, Elvira, USA Up All Night, and others scattered through the decades, all the way back to a Vampira episode from 1954.)
(** – Included are those favorite old school slashers you know by first name, with some workprints and TV edits)

TV includes forgotten treasures stuff like Night Flight, Reel Wild Cinema, Lancelot Link, Professor Julius Sumner Miller, The Starlost, Children of the Stones, Tomorrow People, Maximum Exposure.

…and plenty of other stuff most people don’t care about.

But, if you do care, you’ll probably be in heaven.

Most of this stuff is harvested from the VHS sources you probably already love on YouTube, Internet Archive, etc., but it’s all in one spot and hand-curated.

There are also thousands of hours of select audio theater I’ve collected over the years from 40s-50s radio dramas through 70s and 80s audio dramas to modern podcasts and a few hundred Art Bell shows.

The server runs on an unused POS laptop and an ADSL connection, but should be good enough for this standard def content.

If anyone does have an interest, send me your Plex username and I’ll send you an invite.

EDIT – I’m getting a lot of people asking the morning after I posted this if there are still invites available. So, let me say I will not run out of invites. If you see this post a day or a week or a month or six months or whatever after I post it, do get in touch and I’ll add you.

EDIT 2 – here’s a Discord channel