Traveller – Session 1 – The Mysterious Starship – A Doulos Corp Coronavirus Interlude

We will continue Doulos Corp when social distancing has ended.

All the player materials are publicly available on Notion…

Our second character creation session ended with us getting a taste of the story. So, the beginning of this episode is actually the end of the previous session.

Also, I somehow never noticed that I was rendering this podcast in 32kbps, grrrr. This episode is in 192kbps and I hope I remember that setting in the future.

The videos of this session begin here…
and are divided into the following chapters…
1.0 Introduction
1.2 Boarding The Mysterious Starhsip
1.3 Exploring The Staterooms
1.4 Closer Investigations, Curious Discoveries
1.5 Living Deck leads to Cargo Deck
1.6 A Cryotube?

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