Traveller – Session 3 – Taming The Annic Nova – A Doulos Corp Coronavirus Interlude

Doulos Corp has been on hold because of social distancing, so our table group has been playing my adaptation of the classic Traveller adventure Annic Nova.
We gathered at the table for one last session of Traveller – the next session will be the continuation of Doulos Corp.

All the player materials are publicly available on Notion…

The videos of this session begin here…
…and are divided into the following titles…
3.1 Recaps, Thoughts, A Big Retcon
3.2 How to kill the insects, How to fix the life support
3.3 The Flourine Problem and A big surprise at the cargo airlock
3.4 Gathering Rocks and Wild Times in Hydroponics
3.5 Studying the bridge and Exploring a new area of the ship
3.6 Annic Nova Comes About and Prepares for Jump

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