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Earthsearch – Mindwarp

This is a prequel to the Earthsearch series (which I loved) but made some 25 years after the originals. And I didn’t much care for it. I really wanted to like it – there’s some solid science fiction here. But, the production itself got in my way. It reminded me of when the modern sequel 3rd, 4th, and 5th series of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy came out. The style is so different it is hard to consider it part of the series. It was “Dirk-Maggs-ified“, if I may coin a term – to me, that means an overuse of music, distractingly modern sound effects (for a 21st century followup to a 70s classic), and clearly very little respect for what came before so there is no stylistic continuity. 

And that’s exactly how I felt about Mindwarp, which is a Big Finish production. I don’t have much experience with Big Finish productions but I’m in no hurry to hear more from them. What’s the opposite of a golden age? Well, that’s what we’re going through in audio theater now, I think. I doubt Dirk Maggs is to blame – I don’t know enough about the history involved, but this style does seem to be the common modern BBC style. Trying to make “audio movies” – adapting the movie aesthetic to an audio medium, rather than focusing in the inherent strengths of the medium itself. Like mainstream American movies in the 60s – trying to put stage productions on film, rather than develop true cinematic storytelling techniques as was happening in other places in the world.

But, don’t get me started on that.

The only caveat I’ll add is that I went in expecting a continuation (albeit a prequel) of the Earthsearch world and found myself in a totally different kind of production. Maybe the minds behind it felt they were entitled to such a huge departure since this was a prequel. But it was hard to judge it on its own merits. The story was OK, the acting was a bit better than OK – the music was the real problem. It was just so PRESENT. Always in my face, telling me how to feel about the scene. It felt like a TV sitcom laugh track queuing me when to think something was funny. And the way it swelled during halting, dramatic dialogue moments kept making me think the characters were going to burst into song.

Anyway, I give it an admittedly biased D in that it did much more wrong than right. I will not be keeping a copy – I think I’ve gotten all the juice I will ever get from it, no matter how many times I return to give it another squeeze.

Movies, lease renewal

On Tuesday, I watched a movie. That’s not common these days. I watched it alone and it was one that’s been on my (very long) list for a few years. That’s rare. But I’m hoping to do it more often. Anyway, it was Serpico. Meh. Not my kind of movie. But, it was really good and Pacino was great – I even saw myself in his character in some ways.
And Terra continued on in Skies of Arcadia (Gamecube version, alas) and I’m thrilled she’s getting to play it.

Yesterday, our landlady came over and we signed another year lease on this beautiful house! :) :) :)
How has it been a year already?
Anyway, I made iced coffee and she loved it. Or at least said she did. She says she drinks lots of coffee – that she’d rather drink coffee than water.

Last night was family night and we watched Serenity – the Firefly movie. Starting next Wednesday, we’re going to re-watch all the Firefly episodes, two episodes a week.

Today, I unlocked a housewife accomplishment – I sewed. Sort of. Replaced buttons on a couple of Wesley’s shirts.

And, I moved the few books we own (mainly Bible and movie related) from gathering dust in our bedroom to the cafe. I’m thinking of reading more.

Another great weekend with Terra

This afternoon, our Halloween month viewing continued with the 25th anniversary performance of The Phantom of the Opera at Royal Albert Hall in HD on Netflix streaming and it was incredible. We enjoyed it immensely.
I’ve never seen a stage production of POTO and neither had she. Of course, I grew up on the music – I have listened to it hundreds of times – so this was a bigger deal to me than even when the movie came out.
The best highlight to me was the interpretation of The Phantom himself. The guy who played him really made him freakish and monstrous, yet sympathetic and pitiable. Of course, I have nothing to compare him to except the movie but I was very impressed just the same. Vocally, he’s no Michael Crawford but I can’t help but be biased.

Anyway, I should digress and move on…

Afterward, we watched The Others. I have long loved that film but this time it was just not as effective. I still love the atmosphere and performances – and can forgive it not scaring me anymore (this is probably my tenth viewing over the years) but I think it just isn’t a film that can stand the test of time.

This morning was the usual long-standing Saturday tradition of Wesley getting up early and playing video games while we get our one day we can sleep in. Well, actually that’s new since she quit her Saturday side job a couple weeks ago and now we get to sleep :) But this was a payday Saturday morning so we splurged for McDonald’s breakfast. It was a nice treat and it’s my favorite kind of food – I didn’t have to make it :)

Yesterday, Friday, we did a lot of just sitting around, enjoying her day off. Then Nina came over and we hung out a bit, had coffee, got Papa Murphy’s pizza, then watched Repo! The Genetic Opera. Nina had never seen it before and it’s one of Terra’s favorites. I don’t love it but I do love showing it to someone for their first time :P
After Nina left, Terra and I watched Silent House (on Vudu HDX, btw) and were very impressed with it. The ending was disappointing but the rest of it was really good. One jump scare got me so good, I literally cried out, shut my eyes and it took a full second or more before I could persuade them to open again.

I don’t do horror movies. The filmmaking standards for that genre are just way too low – 99% of them are purely pop media meant to be consumed and then forgotten – so I don’t waste my time. Except at Halloween. And this year, I have been on a quest for the best “jump scare” movies. I just want that visceral experience. I want to know if it really works on me or something. And, so far, yes it definitely does :P
Insidious and now Silent House have been standouts.

So far, after three annual Halloween horror movie months, the scariest movies I’ve seen are still The Descent, Insidious, and The Fourth Kind. And I think they are all quality movies and therefore will probably stand up to multiple viewings after the ability to surprise you into jumping has worn off.

Thursday and Wednesday were pretty non-descript. Housework while Terra was at work.

Though, we did both get punched cartos and so she is trying a tank for the first time and I got mine in 2.5 ohms so I am using my 6v again. So far, we are both having issues with the liquid not flowing into the carto fast enough and therefore getting dry, burnt hits and have to top it off. Maybe it’s just a problem with the vendor? I’ll do them a favor and not name them but it’s not who I usually get punched cartos from.
I’ll continue to experiment and see if they get better.

Oh, and we picked up The Walking Dead #103 but neither of us have read it yet.

And I guess that’s it.
Oh, except for this pic I found of me at 18 with my first car :P