Movies, lease renewal

On Tuesday, I watched a movie. That’s not common these days. I watched it alone and it was one that’s been on my (very long) list for a few years. That’s rare. But I’m hoping to do it more often. Anyway, it was Serpico. Meh. Not my kind of movie. But, it was really good and Pacino was great – I even saw myself in his character in some ways.
And Terra continued on in Skies of Arcadia (Gamecube version, alas) and I’m thrilled she’s getting to play it.

Yesterday, our landlady came over and we signed another year lease on this beautiful house! :) :) :)
How has it been a year already?
Anyway, I made iced coffee and she loved it. Or at least said she did. She says she drinks lots of coffee – that she’d rather drink coffee than water.

Last night was family night and we watched Serenity – the Firefly movie. Starting next Wednesday, we’re going to re-watch all the Firefly episodes, two episodes a week.

Today, I unlocked a housewife accomplishment – I sewed. Sort of. Replaced buttons on a couple of Wesley’s shirts.

And, I moved the few books we own (mainly Bible and movie related) from gathering dust in our bedroom to the cafe. I’m thinking of reading more.

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