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Recent events

Tonight (Wednesday), Terra, Wesley, and I played PSO together. I’m trying to make this a weekly family night thing. He is 8, I know he can figure this out. The basics anyway.

We got another 16 photos printed, framed, and hung. A few added to the collection by Wesley’s room, but most of them start the new project on the wall by the dinner table. Both look great. I should have taken a pic to post.

Tuesday, we went again to the home fellowship we tried last week. It has a good sized crowd, it’s close, it’s early enough in the evening to work with our early bedtime, they have hang out time after study. So, it’s all sorts of stuff we need a home fellowship to be.

We are still trying to fit Ingress into our daily life. The best we’ve managed is maybe a half hour sidetrack here and there on our way to something else. BUT, we got new batteries for our phones! So we can venture out on foot now :)

We finished season two of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. We’ll get to season three eventually but now we’ve started season two of Second Shift – probably my favorite “podio theater” we know. We never got around to the final two episodes so this is good.

My new cookbook finally arrived on Monday and I’m very excited. On the same day, we were in Sam’s Club (Noel got us a membership!) and Terra came across a cookbook she bought me – maybe because she was tired of hearing me complain that the one I ordered hadn’t shown up yet. So, I ended up with two cookbooks on one day. These are the first cookbooks I’ve ever owned. I don’t think I’m doing “bachelor cooking” anymore but I still know so little. I still want to trade with someone – you teach me all you know about cooking and I’ll teach you everything I know about coffee.
Anyway, I asked on /r/cooking what a good first cookbook would be and I sifted through the many suggestions, did some research,  and went with How to Cook Everything – The Basics.
Now, I just need time to sit down with them!

Back on routine, good week.

We took a break from most of our routines for a couple weeks and this week we’re back on track so that’s good. Breaks are good but we’re so used to all these little disciplines we have it feels really weird to skip them.

We started a new home fellowship on Tuesday. I don’t know how well it will work out, since it will mean staying up later than we’re used to (they start at 7) but we’re gonna give it our best shot. We miss being in a home fellowship.

Tonight for family night, we all played Gauntlet Dark Legacy (PS2). Wesley, Nina, and I played three hours every Saturday all summer so he and I have level 50ish characters but Terra is starting at level 1 so she needs lots of help but that’s more good lessons for Wesley.

Terra finally got to go on a clothes shopping spree with her Christmas money. I helped her choose some things out and she’s happy with what she got.
I’ve been cooking with my new kitchen stuff that I bought with my Christmas money. I love the new stuff. I’ve never bought new kitchen stuff before so this is exciting.
And I’ve made waffles four times (or is it five?) since I got my waffle maker for Christmas :)
She is totally addicted to her Nook I got her for Christmas. That’s good. It’s a great addition to her corner.

We’ve finally figured out a way to get audio theater into our life again. YAY!!! We’re listening at dinner now. I love our dinner music playlist but we’ve been REALLY missing audio theater and don’t have any other time to listen anymore so this is good.
So far, our plan is to have some variety by listening to Radio Drama Revival one night and The Sonic Society on another. The other two nights we have available will be one show of her choosing and one of mine. She chose The Leviathan Chronicles and I chose The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. We’re nearing the end of season one of the former and starting season two of the latter. Picking up where we previously left off in both cases. We’ll probably only do a season at a time, switch to another show (there’s so many we want to hear!) and return to a show for another season so we have variety and don’t spend months trying to get through an entire show like we did before.

I seem to be starting another bout of my sleep disorders again. It’s been a few months. It always starts with vivid, emotional dreams that stay with me for days. Then come the nightmares, the waking myself up screaming or flailing, etc.. I’m toying with the idea of vlogging about the dreams I have. And then the things that inevitably come after. It will go on for a few months then go away again for awhile.

New cafe, new lamp, new home fellowship

We have been doing weekly breakfast/brunch day dates the last few weeks. This morn, we tried Cafe Bella Coffee – a place five minutes from here that somehow we didn’t know about it. Pretty upscale, lots of character, kinda expensive. We tried their breakfast bagels, which had egg, Canadian bacon, and a roasted  tomato cream cheese. I had a cafe au lait, she had a caramel latte. We really enjoyed everything, including the atmosphere. Definitely our kinda place. Too expensive to do it every week but we’re looking forward to our next visit.
It did remind me how good a cafe au lait can be, though, so I intend to start making some of my own.

And we came across a perfect lamp for Terra’s corner, finally. Very excited about that. $9 at Goodwill in perfect condition.


And, after several weeks waiting to hear some info about the home fellowship right around the corner from us, we finally visited the next closest – the Alvarezes. It was good enough. Saw a couple people I knew from my days when I lived here before. The crowd is much older than us, though. That may keep us from being regulars. What we really want is to find out what the story with the one around the corner is, grrrr.

When we got home, we listened to The Leviathan Chronicles 1.08 and, uh, it took some patience and dedication to finish it. All flashback to the origins of The Leviathan Group and it wasn’t very exciting.

Thursday, Sept 20, 2012 – There’s a 430 AM now?!!

There’s a 430 AM now?!!
We found out there is because that’s when we had to get up this morning.  Today and tomorrow she goes in at 6am.  Blah.
She has reason to believe she will start her real schedule (2p-10p, 4 on, 2 off) on Saturday.  Then, the next chapter of our life begins for real.

As Wesley was watching balloons this morning, he called to me in the cafe room “Uh, Daisopher?” – I went and looked and there’s a dead mouse on the living room floor!!  Presumably the work of Christmas Kitty.

I have now acquired all 44 episodes of Freddy’s Nightmares and they’re on the PS3, ready for Halloween month :)

I dramatically changed the coffee bar today…



It makes a lot more sense now and even looks a lot better if you ask me.  After very little sleep, a protein shake, and a shot of espresso, I found myself very motivated and kinda’ obsessive.  I actually had it done before Wesley got up for school!
I also got caught up on laundry and detail cleaned both bathrooms.  Everything was done when she got home at 2.  A very productive day.
While I worked, I listened to The Hollywood Saloon podcast (a long-time favorite of mine) episode about Thor, which we recently watched.  (Even though it’s not my kind of movie – see my ‘films I can’t live without’ sidebar.)  They said a lot of what I thought about it.

Found out (after I paid for the full version, natch) that gTasks fails to repeat recurring to-do’s properly so I’ve switched to GTO, which I’d tried before but didn’t like as much.  But, it does recurring tasks correctly so, meh.  I live by my Pure Calendar widget so I have to use a to-do app that it supports.
I created many household tasks and set repeats for varying intervals so, it should present me with my house keeping list every morning rather than me sitting down in the morning and making my list for the day, which is the way I’ve done it for years.  If the usual maintenance stuff can just pop up on my day planner automagically, I can just do what it says and add any one-off tasks as needed.  Less to think about first thing in the morning that way :P

After dinner, we had a little time to kill before bed (didn’t go to home fellowship – 8pm bedtime tonight) so we watched some YouTube.  Started with coffee videos but Terra has somehow never seen (or even heard of!) cinnamon challenge videos so I introduced her to them.  We had a half hour or so of riotous laughter before bedtime.

It’s something like ten days until Halloween month starts and twenty-ish until Balloon Fiesta..