New cafe, new lamp, new home fellowship

We have been doing weekly breakfast/brunch day dates the last few weeks. This morn, we tried Cafe Bella Coffee – a place five minutes from here that somehow we didn’t know about it. Pretty upscale, lots of character, kinda expensive. We tried their breakfast bagels, which had egg, Canadian bacon, and a roasted  tomato cream cheese. I had a cafe au lait, she had a caramel latte. We really enjoyed everything, including the atmosphere. Definitely our kinda place. Too expensive to do it every week but we’re looking forward to our next visit.
It did remind me how good a cafe au lait can be, though, so I intend to start making some of my own.

And we came across a perfect lamp for Terra’s corner, finally. Very excited about that. $9 at Goodwill in perfect condition.


And, after several weeks waiting to hear some info about the home fellowship right around the corner from us, we finally visited the next closest – the Alvarezes. It was good enough. Saw a couple people I knew from my days when I lived here before. The crowd is much older than us, though. That may keep us from being regulars. What we really want is to find out what the story with the one around the corner is, grrrr.

When we got home, we listened to The Leviathan Chronicles 1.08 and, uh, it took some patience and dedication to finish it. All flashback to the origins of The Leviathan Group and it wasn’t very exciting.

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