The Walking Dead Untold | 2015 | The Walking Creativity

Only two episodes so far and I listened to both.

Eh, it’s not horrible. I can’t judge it purely as audio theater since the episodes are posted to YouTube and the minimal video does contain info like chapter names and what day it is, etc.. I honestly don’t know how much visual info I missed because I listened as I worked and once caught a glimpse of “Sarah – Day Four” on the screen at one point so I don’t know many others there were or if it would have contributed to keeping up with the story. But, I didn’t find it confusing.

Anyway, the story and characters are fine, the production is a bit better than usual fan-made stuff. All I can really say having only heard two episodes is that it’s ok. No crimes against the medium committed.

I’ll give it a C- in that it does more right than wrong but I just wasn’t grabbed from the very beginning. And I’m subscribed to hear future installments.

The Walking Dead Untold

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