Wednesday, Sept 5

I made iced coffee with espresso shots (“depth charges”) this morning.  It’s good to have the new grinder.

Stayed caught up on laundry.

Swept the rocks of the sidewalk.

Did some long overdue video editing.

Made a deer roast in the new crock pot with frozen mixed veg and tater tots.  Served with Texas toast.

Found out I have to turn off wifi on this phone to send/receive mms.  Not happy about that.

Still behind in my Bible reading plan.

Terra brought home a couple cool pots from Thrift Town that look nice on the new table.

Terra made iced lattes this afternoon – her first try of the new grinder.

We watched Glengarry Glen Ross in HD on Netflix – her first time.  I brushed Terra’s hair during most of it.

She got news on how her mileage will work from now on and it’s not good news.

Day two of Wesley being grounded – his first time in life, ever.

I’m so ready to have some guests for coffee.  Need some good beans.

Created a “somewhere” category on Pinterest for pics of cool places I see.

Came up with the idea of doing a daily recap blog post and giving up on a Lifestream.  This was prompted by seeing that Twitter is not going to support rss much longer.  But I’ve been wanting to simplify my homepage for a long time anyway.

Didn’t get a shower today, ew.

Still awake at midnight.  This not sleeping regularly has been going on ever since I stopped working.

Called for info on SAFE program for Wesley so I can go back to work and we can’t exactly afford it.  Hmmm…

This hot weather seems to be going on forever.  We’re both so ready for fall.

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