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Recent tweets as of Aug 16, 2014

Recent tweets as of May 7, 2014

  • We’ve been waking up a few minutes before our 345am alarm goes off the last few mornings. I guess we’re becoming conditioned. Well, good. 05:19:13, 2014-05-02
  • Terra and I already hit three garage sales, Goodwill, and now breakfast at Weck’s (our first time trying it). Getting up early rulez!!! 10:14:42, 2014-05-02
  • Feathers all over the cafe, kitchen, and living room, where a large adult bird lies dead. Christmas Kitty is not my friend this morning. 04:23:32, 2014-05-04
  • You die a hero or you live long enough to be a villain. That applies to shows that didn’t last – Firefly, Freaks & Geeks, The Tick, etc.. 10:42:18, 2014-05-04
  • Without fail, when I decide to cook a “special” dinner – this time, chicken fried steak for Terra’s birthday – it’s a complete disaster. 18:46:51, 2014-05-05
  • When I go overboard to achieve fantastic hopes and disaster ensues, I say I Clarked it up. As in Clark W. Griswold from the Vacation movies. 18:52:39, 2014-05-05
  • I made a blog post expanding the explanation of “Clarking things up”… http://t.co/Igldq5NCcT 19:58:20, 2014-05-05
  • RT @OnePerfectShot: Perfect shot from DR. STRANGELOVE (1964) DoP: Gilbert Taylor | Dir: Stanley Kubrick http://t.co/GswBxjKg0E 05:39:36, 2014-05-06
  • RT @OnePerfectShot: Perfect shot from BLADE RUNNER (1982) DoP: Jordan Cronenweth | Dir: Ridley Scott http://t.co/Rwg9NxuM59 17:52:05, 2014-05-06
  • You know what I can’t stand about most modern #AudioTheater? It’s mostly silly comedic tongue-in-cheek stuff. It’s hard to take seriously. 08:49:20, 2014-05-07

Tweets from Thu, Feb 20, 2014

Back on routine, good week.

We took a break from most of our routines for a couple weeks and this week we’re back on track so that’s good. Breaks are good but we’re so used to all these little disciplines we have it feels really weird to skip them.

We started a new home fellowship on Tuesday. I don’t know how well it will work out, since it will mean staying up later than we’re used to (they start at 7) but we’re gonna give it our best shot. We miss being in a home fellowship.

Tonight for family night, we all played Gauntlet Dark Legacy (PS2). Wesley, Nina, and I played three hours every Saturday all summer so he and I have level 50ish characters but Terra is starting at level 1 so she needs lots of help but that’s more good lessons for Wesley.

Terra finally got to go on a clothes shopping spree with her Christmas money. I helped her choose some things out and she’s happy with what she got.
I’ve been cooking with my new kitchen stuff that I bought with my Christmas money. I love the new stuff. I’ve never bought new kitchen stuff before so this is exciting.
And I’ve made waffles four times (or is it five?) since I got my waffle maker for Christmas :)
She is totally addicted to her Nook I got her for Christmas. That’s good. It’s a great addition to her corner.

We’ve finally figured out a way to get audio theater into our life again. YAY!!! We’re listening at dinner now. I love our dinner music playlist but we’ve been REALLY missing audio theater and don’t have any other time to listen anymore so this is good.
So far, our plan is to have some variety by listening to Radio Drama Revival one night and The Sonic Society on another. The other two nights we have available will be one show of her choosing and one of mine. She chose The Leviathan Chronicles and I chose The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. We’re nearing the end of season one of the former and starting season two of the latter. Picking up where we previously left off in both cases. We’ll probably only do a season at a time, switch to another show (there’s so many we want to hear!) and return to a show for another season so we have variety and don’t spend months trying to get through an entire show like we did before.

I seem to be starting another bout of my sleep disorders again. It’s been a few months. It always starts with vivid, emotional dreams that stay with me for days. Then come the nightmares, the waking myself up screaming or flailing, etc.. I’m toying with the idea of vlogging about the dreams I have. And then the things that inevitably come after. It will go on for a few months then go away again for awhile.

Barfing, BCC gurgle fix, Vapor Rio e-liquids

Wesley’s been doing that thing again. Stuffing his cheeks full when he eats. No idea why and he doesn’t explain. It’s been an occasional thing for the last month or so. I’ve been thinking of ordering him to stop but I figured he’d figure it out himself.
And today he did.
At lunch he gagged and puked all over my nice clean table with nice clean centerpiece.
Next time, I’ll just order him to stop. He can learn the lessons on his own that I don’t have to clean anything up.
Wait, are there any?
It’s not a job – it’s an adventure.


Tried ideas from this thread (and link contained therein) on /r/ecr about fixing gurgles/leaks on BCCs like Evods and Protanks on a Protank that leaks no matter what I do and it seems to have fixed it.
It currently has the watermelon from Vapor Rio in it.
Btw, so far, their juices suck. It’s been almost a week and they are both still very perfumy. Actually, ‘colongey’ – the smell reminds me of Old Spice Leather that I wore as a kid. The two flavors have gone into our juice box with the intent of forgetting about them and hopefully, next time we think about them, they will have steeped/aged/whatever long enough. Though, I also have a Protank of each in our vape rack so we can try them from time to time.

Don’t know why this work weekend has seemed so long, but it has and it’s finally over and we’re both exhausted. Saturday nights are our sleep catch-up nights and we’re both very glad.

And so, a new life begins… Again.

Seems every few months, we start a new way of life and another ends. Always beginning and ending. When is the happy middle? You know, when everything is mostly consistent and predictable, you can take a refreshing breath and know what today will be and just relax and enjoy. Like when you put on your favorite movie you’ve seen a hundred times and, about 15 minutes in, you enter this mindset – you’re in a familiar place wherein you know what to expect, what comes next, and how long you will be there.
Maybe that mindset doesn’t exist in life.


So, tomorrow, Terra goes to work 6am to 6pm. And the same on Friday and Saturday. And that’s the new schedule. We’ll be going to bed at 8pm, getting up at 4am to get her ready for work.
She’s been working Fri-Sun 6p-6a since December. Our life has been anything but normal since. Work days means a lot of being quiet all day while she sleeps until 3p and Wesley only sees her for an hour or so when he gets home and she’s getting ready for work. She gets up at noon on Monday, after only 5 hours of sleep so she has some semblance of a day. Tuesday she gets up at 9am. Wednesday and Thursday she gets up with me and Wesley at 7. See? Trying to slide into a day schedule for her days off. Thursday she stays up as late as she can and tries to sleep until 3p on Friday.
See how complicated that has been? And, no matter what she does, she’s tired every day.

So, this is a good change. Well, mostly. Working day shift will he more stressful. How stressful remains to be seen. Plus, we’ve liked going to this other church on Wednesday nights. It’s also sad to lose our family time on the couch four nights a week but nights sort of won’t exist for us anymore. We’re going to one evening a week (Wednesday) to stay caught up on our audio theater adventures :) (We’re currently working our way through NPR Star Wars.)

But, the best part of all of this will be her not being tired all the time and being on a natural/normal rhythm of sleeping nights and waking up early. We’ll have four long, full days together as a family every week. We’ll go back to our home church on Sunday mornings. Oh, and speaking of Sundays, we’re gonna start having weekly slumber party nights again, something we haven’t been able to regularly do since September. And I am excited to have three full work days while she’s gone. I’ll be more or less working when she is and this house will sparkle.

So, we’re cautiously optimistic. Most people know I cannot function outside of rigid routine and we had a pretty solid one – albeit unpleasant – for a while now. Time to re-write, experiment, try and err, and figure out a new one. But, we’ve got a lot more to work with now.

Here’s to moving toward a happy middle! :)

Sunday, Sept 30, 2012 – really long day, nice night

She got home from work around 11 last night and had to work a 6a to 6p twelve hour shift today. So we got up at 430 after getting to sleep around 1145. I’ll confess I took a nap. Two, actually. Added up to about an hour and a half. My sleep debt is currently around 11 hours.

But, I started the Halloween internet radio stations today and that’s been fun.

Also, I set up Wesley’s email on his phone and added myself, Terra, and Matt Weeks to his contacts and showed him how to take a pic and email it. He took to it right away and filled all our inboxes :P No, he can’t spell more than his name but he is very excited he can send and receive pics now.

Neither of us made it to church today because of her schedule. I hope we get all this figured out soon because we’re missing out on a lot the last couple, few weeks.

When she got home, we got Panda Express and it was awesome. We glutted ourselves.
Then, we sent Wesley to bed early and fired up the PS3 Netflix streaming app. We watched Paranormal Activity 2 and that was fun and a good start to Halloween month. Then, we watched the first episode of the second season of The Walking Dead, which we’ve been waiting on for a long time and just debuted on Netflix today. It has been quite a while since we watched the first season and, in the mean time, have read all 102 issues of the comic. I think we qualify as fans :P
Obviously, the inconvenience for us is that we don’t have tv – no cable or anything – so, we have to wait until it hits Netflix, which is always a long time. Season three is already airing on AMC. So, we don’t get to have those water cooler moments and such – we’re always way behind.
Not that we mind. Sure, we love it but it’s not like we sit around and think “there’s a new episode debuting tonight and everyone is seeing it but us!”

Tomorrow, she is off (but on call) so I am going to let her sleep a long time. And I hope we have a great day off together and she doesn’t get called in.

Thursday, sept 27, 2012

Watched Superman the Movie on Netflix streaming with Wesley tonight.  Haven’t seen it since I was a kid and it was his first time.  I was impressed with what a good movie it was sometimes and what a bad movie it was other times.

We intend to start a new morning routine tomorrow now that we think we can see what a typical day will be like for us from now on.  We lost things like prayer time and her homework for her church classes since she started this new schedule and we think we’ve finally figured out how those evening activities will fit into our mornings.

Now it would be nice if she would get home from work before midnight most nights so we can do some of the things we planned for some wind down time so she doesn’t have to come home from work and go straight to bed.
She’s only had one midnight but a handful of elevens and those were mostly bad because I was too tired and just wanted to go to bed.  (Of course, my sleep debt is currently over ten hours.)  It’s just that we’re early bedtime people, conditioned to start getting lethargic and tired once the sun is down, and this trying to feel wide awake at ten o’clock and later is all new to us.

Speaking of our new schedule, she agreed to work a twelve on Sunday but it’s 6a-6p followed by her weekend so it’s not all bad.  But we will miss church.

It’s nearly 11 and I don’t know how long until she’ll get home so I think I’ll finally read The Walking Dead #102 while I wait. This is the first time I’ve held one in my hand – we read all previous 101 issues on our phones.