A King’s Speech | 2009 | BBC

Meh. It’s hard to listen to it and not compare it to the film, which I love.
This play deals with the hours leading up to the big speech, so, a much smaller story than the film.
Btw, apparently this radio play was made while the movie was being made and came out first. I couldn’t find what the source material was.

I give it a biased C because it did everything just fine but I couldn’t hear it without hearing Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. And I’m not keeping it.

A King’s Speech
By Mark Burgess.

The action of A King’s Speech takes place on Coronation Day, 12th May 1937, and deals with King George VI’s preparations for his evening BBC Radio broadcast to the Nation – a terrifying prospect for perhaps the most notable Briton to have suffered from a stammer.

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