April 2013 media

(stuff tapes incl. highlights we remember after watching but are not comprehensive)
*=SPN    %=PSP/phone   $=cinema   &=bedroom
H=HD  N_=NetflixIW(H)  V_=Vudu(X/H)
t/T = with terra / her first time
w/W = wesley, g/G = guest, C = my first time
D = docu/non-fiction,  A = audio,  ((())) = gaming note
+ = enhanced (commentary, trivia track, etc.)
(Rating on an enhanced entry is my rating of the feature, not the movie)

RATINGS… (taste, not quality)
… 0 = can’t believe I finished it
… 4 = it was ok, but I doubt I’ll ever watch it again
… 5 = it was ok and I might like it better if I saw it again
… 9 = FICLW list

ACT… BBC Afternoon Drama – The Loving Ballad of Captain Bateman
ACT… Second Shift 2.05
Awt… JJ&F MWTIGC 5A – A Hog By Any Other Name & My Left Upper Incisor
8VXt… The Perks of Being a Wallflower
SCPT… The Leviathan Chronicles 1.16
Atw… JJ&F MWTIGC 4B – You Take the High Side & The Great Fall
Atw… JJ&F MWTIGC 4A – The Skunk Who Would Be King & Katie Kiddie-Bake Quick Cakes
AT… CBSRMT – The Chinaman Button (1974)
Atw… JJ&F MWTIGC 3B – The Cat’s Pajamas & Bear E. Sleepy
ATC… Second Shift 2.04
Atw… JJ&F MWTIGC 3A – Dial M for Monkey & The Whistling Furchettas
CWN… The Story of Film: An Odyssey 1of15
AC… BBC – That Hideous Strength 3of4
4CtNH…Cruel Intentions
ACT… The Leviathan Chronicles 1.15
Atw… JJ&F MWTIGC 2B – When You Wish Upon A Star & Sing-Along with Bert-the-Moose
ACT… BBC – Misery by Stephen King 2of2
ACT… BBC – Misery by Stephen King 1of2
ACT… Second Shift 2.03
Atw… JJ&F MWTIGC 2A – The Big Bang Theory & Who Owns Who
AC… LATW – Murder in the First 2of2
AC… LATW – Murder in the First 1of2
5TCNH… The Hunger Games
ATC… The Twilight Zone – V07 – E05 – It’s A Good Life
Awt… JJ&F MWTIGC 1B – The Great Rubber Band War
8TNH…The King’s Speech
ACT… The Leviathan Chronicles 1.14
Awt… JJ&F MWTIGC 1A – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Bedtime & Gift of the RazzleFlabben
4CTVX…Les Miserables (2012)
ACT… Second Shift 2.02
ATw… JJ&F WTIGC 6B – Nermal and The Ark
8T…The Perks of Being a Wallflower
ACt… Afternoon Drama – Love’s Worst Day
Atw… JJ&F WTIGC 6A – Hermie The Love Bug & Later: A Story About Procrastination
NwZ… The Tick 1.01-09(of 9)
6g… The Perks of Being a Wallflower (with Jennifer)
8HG…Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (with Jennifer)
7tNH… The Apostle
ACT…Second Shift 2.01
Atw… JJ&F WTIGC 5B – The Grandfather & Katie Sings the Blues
Atw… JJ&F WTIGC 5A – The Treasure of the Sierra Marbles & Sing-Along with Bert the Moose
ACT… The Leviathan Chronicles 1.13
ATw… JJ&F WTIGC 4B – A Portrait of the Rabbits as a Young Family & Lest Ye Be Judged
ACT… FinalRune/Aural Stage – Intensive Care
Atw… JJ&F WTIGC 4A – Badminton Schmadminton & This Island Ain’t Big Enough fer the Both of Us
CTWVX… The Walking Dead 3.16

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