The Lost Elevator

I actually liked a comedy.
This 20ish minute play was coming across like an audio Pixar Short in my head. Fun little story, seamless sound design, snappy dialogue that doesn’t waste a word, very good use of the medium all around.
The only complaint I have is it had a couple too many characters. I give it a B- and am adding it to my keepers folder.


Claustrophobics beware! This week we play Northern Lights Radio Theater’s production of “The Lost Elevator,” – set in 1930′s New York, an express elevator suddenly becomes inexplicably stuck between floors in the high rise Robinson Building. Inside the car, an assortment of people are left stranded and each reacts to the situation differently. Written by Percival Wilde and produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. We also welcome our latest contributor, David Rheinstrom, with his review of “The Hadron Gospel Hour.” Download Radio Drama Revival Episode 404 The post Episode 404 – Stuck in the “Lost Elevator” appeared first on Radio Drama Revival.

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