Campfire Radio Theater | John Ballantine | 2012, ongoing

The production quality really is top notch. I can’t say enough about it. It just sounds great. I wish all audio productions sounded this good.

The intro guy is a bit much. I realize he’s trying to set a mood for the episode but he’s overboard and clich├ęd. (And, for cryin’ out loud, if you’re gonna use that voice, pronounce all four syllables nice and slow: “com-fort-a-ble”!)

I listened to all thirteen currently available stories and in all, it succeeds in what it sets out to do. These are mystery thrillers first, horror stories second. And the stories are of a pretty consistent quality level – no greats but no utter wastes either. If I were to choose a high point episode it would probably be Demon Eyes or The Philadelphia Xperiment. (The lower point was definitely RIP.) Again, the sound design and production are consistently great. Really keeps you in the story – immersive, atmospheric. The acting ranges from good enough to great and the dialogue is usually very good.

All combined, I give the series a solid B and maybe I’ll add it to the Halloween media collection but I have no plans to listen to it again more than once in a year. It’s just not my preferred genre for repeated listening. Though, this is an ongoing series and I’ll surely listen to future episodes.

Campfire Radio Theater

Welcome friend… Have a seat by the fire… Make yourself comfortable.

Creating audio plays for the iPod generation, Campfire Radio Theater is an anthology of surreal horror tales fully dramatized with actors, music and immersive sound effects recorded in digital stereo… That bump in the night is always more frightening in stereo.

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