Rapture Falls: Episode One: Part One: a fan made Bioshock radio play

I absolutely love Bioshock. I’ve finished all three games. I love the worlds, the stories. But I play the games on easy mode since I’m just there for the interactive fiction aspects.

So, I’ve been meaning to listen to this one for a while. Not that I had high hopes. Not having high hopes is usually a good thing – I always end up liking even the mediocre when I go in with low expectations. But, this production is pretty lackluster. The story was good enough but the actors barely got their lines out correctly, except for the lead, who I assume was the usual homemade audio theater actor/director/producer/editor/etc. and the sound effects were free sound effects library stuff. It’s apparently difficult to pull together an immersive, cohesive overall sound design when one starts there because I don’t think I’ve ever heard it work. And most of the sound effects used could have been made organically but stock effects were used instead and that comes across as lazy to me.
Anyway, the series didn’t continue past episode one. I might have enjoyed at least the story if the show had survived longer.

Episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EaiSzhEqnA

Rapture Falls: Episode One: Part One: a fan made Bioshock radio play www.radiofreerapture.net When Andrew Ryan, a wealthy 1940’s era industrialist becomes tired of government intervention, censorship and taxation he decides to escape the USA and found his own city. Called ‘Rapture’ and filled with the best and brightest mankind has to offer. Ryan hopes to establish a Objectivist paradise, where those who work hard would be rewarded and there would be no socialist parasites dragging everyone down. He built this city under the Atlantic ocean, and when it was finished he cut off all ties with the outside world. This is the story of how it all goes wrong. The story follows Johnathan Thompson, a far too idealistic reporter for the ‘Rapture Tribune’ as he attempts to expose the problems citizens in Rapture struggle with in the face of Andrew Ryan’s slow decent into dictatorship.

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