Doctor Who – Eighth Doctor Adventures – Season One | 2007 | Big Finish/BBC

These are so well made. The recording techniques, overall sound design, acting, etc. are great and natural. And the writing is really good.

But, it didn’t really hold me spellbound or anything. I enjoyed it, but once was enough. I’m giving it a B- and not keeping a copy on hand for future listens. And that’s not to say it doesn’t deserve repeat listenings – it certainly does. I think I’d rather listen to more Doctor Who than listen to this again. So, I’m going to move on to season two. If I feel more strongly about it – negatively or positively – I’ll make another post or add to this one.

Doctor Who – Eighth Doctor Adventures

‘Recently, on TV, we saw how the Paul McGann Doctor died – now it’s time to find out how he lived.’ Steven Moffat

The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) is an enthusiastic figure who explores the universe for the sheer love of it: though always ready to tackle problems when they arise, he relies on brilliant improvisation rather than elaborate plans.

He is passionate, direct, sympathetic and emotionally accessible, yet this is balanced by occasional feelings of self-doubt and weariness of his endless battles against evil.

In this series of full-cast audiobooks, many broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra, he is accompanied on his travels by the feisty and fabulous Lucie Miller, played by Sheridan Smith, Tamsin Drew (Niky Wardley) and, most recently, Molly O’Sullivan, played by Ruth Bradley.

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