Jennifer Joyce came over! :)

In my whole life I’ve rarely known someone so much like myself. We were so close when I lived here before and it’s been over five years since we were last together.
We each fill a certain intellectual, cerebral place in each other’s lives that no one else apparently can and shared a closeness very few could understand.
We have said it’s like we were separated at birth or something. We have so many interests in common, so many experiences in common, so many thoughts and feelings in common. We can express in two sentences to each other what would take us entire paragraphs with anyone else. So, when we talk for hours (tonight was about five), we share so much more than we would with anyone else.
We understand each other and speak the same language. We are both very cerebral and can share so clearly what’s in our heads with each other so we love to talk about ideas, thoughts, feelings. We can comfortably discuss even our own failings and weaknesses in a way that makes them conceptual and therefore neutral.

Even just typing this I know I’m not getting across what I’m trying to say. But I know what I mean. Which means she would, too :)

Tonight, we spent an hour or so “catching up” but, very quickly, it was like we’d never been apart, just continuing the same conversation that never ended but was always in a continual state of “to be continued” until we were hanging out again.

I hope we meet again soon and frequently.

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