Yes, kitchen computer…


A standing desk type of thing.
Handy for putting my to-do’s for the day – the little sticky notes all over the screen. When the screen goes idle, it plays a sideshow of my coffee pics, photos of good times in our kitchen, particularly memorable dinners, and a few Flickr subscriptions. See, you can subscribe via rss to any Flickr tag or user or group, etc. so I set it up so that the computer automagically adds more coffee-related pics to the slideshow all the time.
I also am subscribed to a handful of podcasts to listen to as I work and Pidgin IM is connected to Facebook chat, ICQ, YIM, Skype, et al..
I haven’t had a computer running since 2010. I got my first computer when I was ten and I tend to be obsessive with them so I took a few years off. So, this is a trial thing.
Btw, it’s running Ubuntu Linux. My dear friend, Pastor Mark Mason gave me the flat panel monitor and the computer itself is behind it.

And the kitties have already figured out that it’s a good place to try to demand attention…

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