Someone sells my Con Panna Sicles creation?

So, Nina is in Colorado and went to a coffee shop. She sent me a msg saying they sell a frozen product they call “Con Panna Sicles”.
Here’s a pic of when I first made them.
Here’s a Google search for “con panna sicles” with only me using the phrase.
If I wanted to protect the idea, I wouldn’t have posted it on the Web. If someone “stole the idea”, I’m flattered that someone recognizes my coffee genius :P

Wesley is a Scooby Doo fanatic. So, this was a perfect find. $5 no less.


Played some Re-Volt again and loved every minute of it. Again.
Then, I played Grandia II on Dreamcast. I hesitate to say I started it as I may not continue but I did really like it and I’d like to continue it but I don’t know where I’d fit RPG time into my life. I played it all the way through over ten years ago. It was one of my first RPGs.

I’ve heard good things so we went ahead and got some juice from Vapor Rio, which is 5 minutes from our house. Some watermelon and I had them mix equal parts strawberry and watermelon with a dash of coconut (sound familiar?) but they need serious steeping/aging – they are very perfumy. So, they are sitting in my kitchen window getting lots of sun.

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