First disc golf in probably two years

Wesley, Terra, and I. Terra took lots of photos and I taught him as much as I could. Last year, I took him out once for putting (was meeting someone to play but got stood up) and he got pretty good in a half hour or so.

After, we went to 7-11 and got a huge Slurpee and chili dogs and nachos for lunch.

Made mexi-fish for dinner and it was awesome.

Tuesday night the living room belongs to Terra and she’s playing Persona 3. Last night was my living room and I played Bioshock Infinite. Got it for my birthday, about 6 hours in now and it is amazing beyond description. The most cinematic and emotionally engaging gaming experience I’ve ever had.

The new schedule is going really well. I’m loving all the time in a day that starts early. We get up at 6am on days off and 4 on days she works. We do miss nightly couch time but we’re now doing family day time stuff so it all works out.
And it means we can go back to our home church, Calvary Chapel Rio Rancho, on Sunday mornings which we did this last Sunday and will be returning weekly.
And, of course, we’re having Sunday slumber party nights and that’s been great, too.

Btw, yesterday Nina came over and had us guide her in ordering some new vape stuff online. She’s been using an eGo but will soon have a stainless steel Vamo and Protank :)

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