Finally the first day of fall! Our long, horrible summer is over :)

We love fall…  Snuggles, sweaters, early nights, balloon fiesta, Halloween and scary movies.  Personally, fall is my favorite season of the year.  And summer is the time of year I dislike most, so it really works out that I go from intense dislike to my favorite.

Terra had to work her side job this morning then go in to work at 2p, so it’s a long day for her.  And my evening and night have sucked, trying to stay busy and not exactly succeeding.  This is going to take some getting used to.

But that’s not the only reason today had sucked…

I lost my wallet.  Or rather, I lost it then it was stolen.
The one I’ve carried for over 15 years.  Got it at Eddie Bauer and I’ve loved it the whole time.  It’s a clutch, not a billfold.  Because it housed my Psion handheld computer for so long.  It’s still in there, though I never use it anymore – i’m just used to carrying it.
I came out of Walmart, it’s always in the child seat part of the cart.  I put the groceries in the trunk, Wesley put the cart in the corral thing, we drove across the parking lot to Walgreens, I reached up to grab it off the dash where I always set it but it wasn’t there.  I quickly drove back to where I was parked but the cart I’d used was already gone.  I went in and lost & found didn’t have it.  I looked around in case maybe I’d put it on the roof and it fell off when I drove away but no luck.  I finally gave up and drove home.  I called Walmart a couple hours later, they still didn’t have it.
If you open the wallet, the first thing you see is my old Calvary Chapel Rio Rancho card, which has my cell number on it.  I haven’t gotten a call.  I think it’s really gone – victim of foul play.
The punch line is it had no money in it and the Psion is valueless, especially since it’s broken – it won’t even turn on.  What it does have is various odds and ends from my life of the last decade and more.  Some on the level of treasures – it’s why they’re in there.  Worse, it had not only my license but my social security card and birth certificate.  I think that means I’ve just ceased to exist.  I have no identification and, with all three gone, no way I know of to get any identification.
So I just don’t know what to do now.

But my website is also on my card and maybe whoever took it is reading this, so I will make a special attention-getting post.  But, if you have it, just text me or email me out whatever and tell me a place to pick it up – a park bench, or take it to the lost and found at Walmart (or somewhere else), I don’t care and I don’t care who you are – I just need that stuff back.

Anyway, that aside, when Terra gets off work, she will have a hot bath waiting for her and i’m going to read her the next chapter of the romance novel we’ve been working or way through.

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