Saturday, Oct 6, 2012

Today is five years since I left Albuquerque to go to Alamogordo to help my parents.
Thank God it’s over and I’m back home :)

I found my old buddy Nina on Facebook and I am very excited to have her over. She used to be a regular fixture at my place when I lived here before and was pretty good at making espresso.

Tomorrow is Terra’s first real weekend! Two full days off, no side job, and no on call. No money, either but, meh. We’ll watch movies all day or something :)
(Though, we do have church in the morning.)

Today is the first day of Balloon Fiesta. But they didn’t fly – mass ascension was canceled, grrrrr. I had told wesley that there’d be lots of balloons outside this morning so he was very disappointed. Last night, he was even trying to me to change the alarm on his phone so he’d be sure it would wake him up early enough to see them.
Of course, today is the day he gets to play games all day and watch movies all night so he’s getting over the disappointment.

The opv adjustment on my Gaggia seems to have made a good difference. Again, I’ll have to get a couple, few days to be sure.

Wesley and I watched Event Horizon on blu-ray last night. His first time and he really liked it. Alien is one of his favorite movies so it’s no surprise.

Speaking of movies, Moonrise Kingdom is at the dollar theater and Terra and I are slobbering Wes Anderson fans so we are going on Monday while Wesley is at school. Really looking forward to that.

I am really liking this Vision clearomizer or whatever it’s called but I found last night that it really wants a battery that has lots of charge. I had it go really weak last night, attached a regular atty and just dripped and it worked fine. This morning, after it had charged overnight, the clearomizer worked just fine again.

This Halloween month has had some good viewing. Wesley and I have been getting a few Treehouse of Horror episodes in and Terra and I are getting about an episode a day of The Walking Dead.

I played Batman – Arkham Asylum for an hour or so tonight. It’s been a couple months, I’d guess, since I played it – but when I last did, and I’d been playing it pretty frequently. It is such an great game.

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