No vape mail?!

I stalked the mailman all morning for nothing.

It looks like our new neighbors have finally moved in, though work on their house proceeds. But, their car was parked there overnight and a big moving truck was there yesterday.

Our new schedule doesn’t leave much audio theater time but, we’ve carved out some time on Wednesday afternoons for it and, after a month (!), we listened to Second Shift 2.09 yesterday. Just wow. Especially the scene between Shauna and Porec intercutting with the killings. Just. Wow. This show is everything audio theater is capable of.
Btw, we’re also listening to one episode of We’re Alive each work night. That’s three nights a week and each chapter is divided between three episodes so we’re doing a chapter a week – it’s perfect for us. We just finished chapter 7 last week.

It is a perfect morning. 11am, all the windows and doors open, 75 degrees inside, wonderful cool breeze going through the house.

It got a little too warm by noon thirty or so because the breeze died down.

We listened to We’re Alive chapter 8 part 1 when she got home from work.

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