Since my web address is on my card, maybe you are reading this.  As i’m sure you’ve noticed, that Psion is broken.  And it’s over ten years old – it’s valueless.
The wallet had no money or anything else of value in it to you.  One debit card is for a closed account, the other is for an account with like $40 in it.
But it had a lot of stuff in it that’s of personal value to me.  Including identification stuff.

You thought you were getting something good that turned out to be worthless.  My card has my cell number on it, email, etc. and it’s all listed on the sidebar over there, too.  Get in touch with me and let’s work something out.  I need the stuff that’s in it.  You can leave it on a park bench and text me where to go pick it up.  Or have a friend text me so I don’t have your number, if you’re worried.  Or create a bogus email address and email me.  Or go to McDonalds and tell them you found it in the parking lot and let me know that’s where it is.
Or whatever – I don’t care and I don’t care who you are.  I just need the stuff back.  If you saw it was worthless and tossed it out the window on Unser just let me know that so I can go look for it.  You can even comment on this post without me ever knowing who you are.

Just please – I really need that ID stuff and really want the other little things in there.

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