What a great day :)

Woke up (late – I guess lack of sleep caught up to me) to find the breakfast crock pot casserole thing turned out pretty good.
We love this new house, new dining room set, and loved eating a nice breakfast as a family in the morning light in a nice dining room at a nice table.
I made cappuccinos and they weren’t too bad.  I clearly need more practice and better beans.

We saw quite a few balloons this morning, a few were close enough to identify in our book we keep by the windows.  The Camelot, Sandia Sunrise, and Hearts A’Fire all came quite close.
So that was awesome.

Made it to church on time – that’s always good.

After church, we went over to the Cottonwood Walmart and got Way Out West biscochitos (the best I’ve ever had and they’re not widely available) for Miss Karen’s visit.
We rushed home to clean up a bit of mess in the kitchen, got the table set with the plates and napkins, and put on Couer de Pirate’s first album, which we thought she’d like since she is a piano player and music is a very big part of her life in many ways.
We put all that effort into it because we love having guests that much :)
(For the record, we knew the plates and napkins wouldn’t even be used – they just make the table look so nice!)
I brought out the rarely-used tabletop siphon and made coffee for the ladies (we also picked up butane at the Walmart) and served it with the biscochitos.  We had an awesome visit with her :)


She is a dear friend we knew at church in Alamogordo – she was the main planner of our wedding and moved up here a couple months before we did and we haven’t seen her since then.

Btw, she gave us a hand-made card as a house-warming gift…


After she left, I gave Wesley a bath, Terra made a little dinner, and then we watched Explorers – a childhood favorite of mine they’d never seen that is suddenly available on Netflix streaming – a very pleasant surprise.

Wesley was complaining of a headache during Miss Karen’s visit and fell asleep on the couch.  He rarely falls asleep during the day.  During the movie he was feeling hot.  Terra gave him some children’s Tylenol and we brought his mattress into our room and he’s sleeping on the floor.  He’s asleep already – when I get done typing this up, I’ll go feel him again.

The weather today was awesome again, very cool.  In the early and late part of the day, we had all the doors and windows open – was still too warm to do that in the warmest part of the day before two and four.  But it does feel like fall is finally coming.

Anyway, all in all, a great, full day.
Tomorrow, we have to get up at 530 so she can head for work in Grants at 7 and obviously he may or may not be going to school.  She has two job interviews this week, we have a school meeting, she starts the self-confrontation class on Wednesday evening, so this will be a very busy week.

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