Wednesday, Sept 19, 2012

We went and got five pounds of Espresso Italiano from Red Rock Roasters here in Albuquerque.  These beans are old faithful to us.  Our favorite and most reliable, so we’re back in business :)

We picked up The Walking Dead issue #102 (it just came out today) and didn’t get around to reading it yet.  After reading the first 101 issues by downloading them via torrent and getting viewer apps for our phones, we decided to go legit from here on out, now that we have reliable income.

Speaking of torrents, I am collecting all the episodes of Freddy’s Nightmares (44 episodes in 2 seasons) for Halloween month :)  A couple years ago, we did Halloween marathons of Tales From the Darkside all month, this year will be Freddy and alternating with Tales From the Crypt discs we’re getting from Netflix.  As well as some appropriate movies, of course.  It’s gonna be the best Halloween month ever, we think :)

I did something kinda weird today that I’d been thinking about for awhile…  I gave Wesley one of my old phones.  Mainly for the camera and alarm clock but this could be interesting.  He’s only six but has had a PSP since he was about two and knows how to take care of stuff.  If he handles it well, maybe I’ll add a YouTube app, Pandora, and whatever else sounds fun.  It’s an old HTC Windows smartphone.  It’s not activated, of course, so no calls or sms but it has wifi and GPS so he could conceivably email with grandparents (we could all send him kitten pics and such), Skype, and some other interesting stuff.  We’ll see.  He spent a long time taking pictures this evening and had a great time.  If that’s all he gets out of it, he’ll be happy.

Tomorrow, Terra goes in at 6am for training on the floor, which means we gotta get up at 430.  Suck.  My sleep debt is down to about an hour and a half…  If only it were higher – I might feel sleepy right now.  It’s 9:17pm and I’m wide awake, so tomorrow morning will be bad.  Good thing we are now doing protein shakes and great espresso :P

With our schedule being irregular the last few days and free time being spent on movies and other recreation and entertainment, since we know our free time will be scarce soon, we have been slacking in our nightly quiet time, and Wesley’s bedtime reading.  This is not good.  I don’t like our routine being disrupted and I wish her new work schedule would hurry up and start so we can start working out what our new routine will be.

Tonight, when Terra was brushing Wesley’s teeth, Moogle decided he wanted lovings…


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