Thursday, Sept 13, 2012

Moogle threw up his breakfast this morning – on the tile floor, fortunately – he hadn’t done that since before we moved in here and we’ve feared it.  I guess we’ll start locking the kitties out a little while after their breakfast from now on.

It was quite chilly this morning at Wesley’s bus stop.  I gave him a little hoodie but I should have given him a real jacket.  And I didn’t notice until we got there the zipper didn’t even work.
And I was wishing I’d worn something warmer than my little black leather jacket.  Maybe some shoes instead of sandals :P
Either way, today’s the first day we needed jackets.

I’d updosed my espresso shots to 21g the last couple days and it seemed to have solved the large bubbles problem but this morning they’re back.  Grrrrr.  I just don’t know what else to do – I’m out of variables except the beans themselves.  But, we are confident enough with our skills that we went ahead and got some good water.  We’d been using tap water so far – no sense spending money if every shot will just be a practice shot anyway.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to spend a few bucks on some good beans this weekend.

I thoroughly scrubbed, descaled, and backflushed Lady Gaggia and have set reminders in my phone to do it periodically.

I resurrected my 6v Prodigy v3.1 but I need a new tank carto and some Adam’s SinApple from VaporCast Store for my favorite after-dinner vape :)

Making my oaty veggie meatloaf tonight – gonna try it with baked potatoes.

Tonight we’re going to home fellowship and it’ll be the first time in…  uh…  let’s see – last week was canceled, week before we didn’t go because Mom & Dad Benton might arrive, and the week before that was church cleaning night.
So, we haven’t actually been to the host house since before we moved in our new house.

Btw, Terra starts her new job on Monday.  Just orientation, so it’s a day shift but she will presumably start her regular shift (2p-10p, ugh) soon thereafter, which means I’ll start my house husband job full time.  Hopefully it doesn’t last very long.

I got caught up on my Bible reading plan – I’m on day 34, I think.  It’s a one-year plan but I started a six-month plan last night for bedtime listening.  I was playing the audio portion at bedtime (I have been going to sleep to an audio Bible for many years) but it ended too quickly so I figure a plan half as long should have portions twice as long.

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