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Siphon tweaking, ending Walking Dead season 2

Episode 11 of the second season of AMC’s The Walking Dead really broke our hearts. It’s good to see the show abiding by the rule of the comic that anyone can die anytime but why kill that one??? I have been extremely impressed with how much is changed in the show so that we who’ve read one hundred and two issues (and counting) of the comic book (excuse me – graphic novel) can still be surprised. It is sort of a parallel universe Walking Dead in that it is no better or worse than the comics – the characters, situations, storylines, etc. are all equally as good in both versions – it’s just different so that if you know one and start into the other, you don’t have to compare or know what’s gonna happen next. We watched the 12th episode today and then there’s just one to go :(

I posted that vid of my siphon coffee making technique and it’s already obsolete. I did some reading and for the last couple days I’m using a finer grind and a 70-75 second brew time. I should know better. Every year than to make a video so soon. I dust off a method I haven’t used in months (iced in summer, siphon in fall, etc.) and have to remember all I knew about it before and it takes awhile. That’s why I should make more videos. Get it nailed down and then I can view it when needed.
Anyway, we like the coffee better this way though we’re using cheap beans so therefore can’t expect much, no matter how well we know what we’re doing.

Watched Event Horizon with Nina tonight – her first time. It’s a favorite of mine but I don’t defend it as a good movie. It’s just a Christopher kind of movie.

Another great weekend with Terra

This afternoon, our Halloween month viewing continued with the 25th anniversary performance of The Phantom of the Opera at Royal Albert Hall in HD on Netflix streaming and it was incredible. We enjoyed it immensely.
I’ve never seen a stage production of POTO and neither had she. Of course, I grew up on the music – I have listened to it hundreds of times – so this was a bigger deal to me than even when the movie came out.
The best highlight to me was the interpretation of The Phantom himself. The guy who played him really made him freakish and monstrous, yet sympathetic and pitiable. Of course, I have nothing to compare him to except the movie but I was very impressed just the same. Vocally, he’s no Michael Crawford but I can’t help but be biased.

Anyway, I should digress and move on…

Afterward, we watched The Others. I have long loved that film but this time it was just not as effective. I still love the atmosphere and performances – and can forgive it not scaring me anymore (this is probably my tenth viewing over the years) but I think it just isn’t a film that can stand the test of time.

This morning was the usual long-standing Saturday tradition of Wesley getting up early and playing video games while we get our one day we can sleep in. Well, actually that’s new since she quit her Saturday side job a couple weeks ago and now we get to sleep :) But this was a payday Saturday morning so we splurged for McDonald’s breakfast. It was a nice treat and it’s my favorite kind of food – I didn’t have to make it :)

Yesterday, Friday, we did a lot of just sitting around, enjoying her day off. Then Nina came over and we hung out a bit, had coffee, got Papa Murphy’s pizza, then watched Repo! The Genetic Opera. Nina had never seen it before and it’s one of Terra’s favorites. I don’t love it but I do love showing it to someone for their first time :P
After Nina left, Terra and I watched Silent House (on Vudu HDX, btw) and were very impressed with it. The ending was disappointing but the rest of it was really good. One jump scare got me so good, I literally cried out, shut my eyes and it took a full second or more before I could persuade them to open again.

I don’t do horror movies. The filmmaking standards for that genre are just way too low – 99% of them are purely pop media meant to be consumed and then forgotten – so I don’t waste my time. Except at Halloween. And this year, I have been on a quest for the best “jump scare” movies. I just want that visceral experience. I want to know if it really works on me or something. And, so far, yes it definitely does :P
Insidious and now Silent House have been standouts.

So far, after three annual Halloween horror movie months, the scariest movies I’ve seen are still The Descent, Insidious, and The Fourth Kind. And I think they are all quality movies and therefore will probably stand up to multiple viewings after the ability to surprise you into jumping has worn off.

Thursday and Wednesday were pretty non-descript. Housework while Terra was at work.

Though, we did both get punched cartos and so she is trying a tank for the first time and I got mine in 2.5 ohms so I am using my 6v again. So far, we are both having issues with the liquid not flowing into the carto fast enough and therefore getting dry, burnt hits and have to top it off. Maybe it’s just a problem with the vendor? I’ll do them a favor and not name them but it’s not who I usually get punched cartos from.
I’ll continue to experiment and see if they get better.

Oh, and we picked up The Walking Dead #103 but neither of us have read it yet.

And I guess that’s it.
Oh, except for this pic I found of me at 18 with my first car :P

Sunday, Sept 30, 2012 – really long day, nice night

She got home from work around 11 last night and had to work a 6a to 6p twelve hour shift today. So we got up at 430 after getting to sleep around 1145. I’ll confess I took a nap. Two, actually. Added up to about an hour and a half. My sleep debt is currently around 11 hours.

But, I started the Halloween internet radio stations today and that’s been fun.

Also, I set up Wesley’s email on his phone and added myself, Terra, and Matt Weeks to his contacts and showed him how to take a pic and email it. He took to it right away and filled all our inboxes :P No, he can’t spell more than his name but he is very excited he can send and receive pics now.

Neither of us made it to church today because of her schedule. I hope we get all this figured out soon because we’re missing out on a lot the last couple, few weeks.

When she got home, we got Panda Express and it was awesome. We glutted ourselves.
Then, we sent Wesley to bed early and fired up the PS3 Netflix streaming app. We watched Paranormal Activity 2 and that was fun and a good start to Halloween month. Then, we watched the first episode of the second season of The Walking Dead, which we’ve been waiting on for a long time and just debuted on Netflix today. It has been quite a while since we watched the first season and, in the mean time, have read all 102 issues of the comic. I think we qualify as fans :P
Obviously, the inconvenience for us is that we don’t have tv – no cable or anything – so, we have to wait until it hits Netflix, which is always a long time. Season three is already airing on AMC. So, we don’t get to have those water cooler moments and such – we’re always way behind.
Not that we mind. Sure, we love it but it’s not like we sit around and think “there’s a new episode debuting tonight and everyone is seeing it but us!”

Tomorrow, she is off (but on call) so I am going to let her sleep a long time. And I hope we have a great day off together and she doesn’t get called in.

Thursday, sept 27, 2012

Watched Superman the Movie on Netflix streaming with Wesley tonight.  Haven’t seen it since I was a kid and it was his first time.  I was impressed with what a good movie it was sometimes and what a bad movie it was other times.

We intend to start a new morning routine tomorrow now that we think we can see what a typical day will be like for us from now on.  We lost things like prayer time and her homework for her church classes since she started this new schedule and we think we’ve finally figured out how those evening activities will fit into our mornings.

Now it would be nice if she would get home from work before midnight most nights so we can do some of the things we planned for some wind down time so she doesn’t have to come home from work and go straight to bed.
She’s only had one midnight but a handful of elevens and those were mostly bad because I was too tired and just wanted to go to bed.  (Of course, my sleep debt is currently over ten hours.)  It’s just that we’re early bedtime people, conditioned to start getting lethargic and tired once the sun is down, and this trying to feel wide awake at ten o’clock and later is all new to us.

Speaking of our new schedule, she agreed to work a twelve on Sunday but it’s 6a-6p followed by her weekend so it’s not all bad.  But we will miss church.

It’s nearly 11 and I don’t know how long until she’ll get home so I think I’ll finally read The Walking Dead #102 while I wait. This is the first time I’ve held one in my hand – we read all previous 101 issues on our phones.

Wednesday, Sept 19, 2012

We went and got five pounds of Espresso Italiano from Red Rock Roasters here in Albuquerque.  These beans are old faithful to us.  Our favorite and most reliable, so we’re back in business :)

We picked up The Walking Dead issue #102 (it just came out today) and didn’t get around to reading it yet.  After reading the first 101 issues by downloading them via torrent and getting viewer apps for our phones, we decided to go legit from here on out, now that we have reliable income.

Speaking of torrents, I am collecting all the episodes of Freddy’s Nightmares (44 episodes in 2 seasons) for Halloween month :)  A couple years ago, we did Halloween marathons of Tales From the Darkside all month, this year will be Freddy and alternating with Tales From the Crypt discs we’re getting from Netflix.  As well as some appropriate movies, of course.  It’s gonna be the best Halloween month ever, we think :)

I did something kinda weird today that I’d been thinking about for awhile…  I gave Wesley one of my old phones.  Mainly for the camera and alarm clock but this could be interesting.  He’s only six but has had a PSP since he was about two and knows how to take care of stuff.  If he handles it well, maybe I’ll add a YouTube app, Pandora, and whatever else sounds fun.  It’s an old HTC Windows smartphone.  It’s not activated, of course, so no calls or sms but it has wifi and GPS so he could conceivably email with grandparents (we could all send him kitten pics and such), Skype, and some other interesting stuff.  We’ll see.  He spent a long time taking pictures this evening and had a great time.  If that’s all he gets out of it, he’ll be happy.

Tomorrow, Terra goes in at 6am for training on the floor, which means we gotta get up at 430.  Suck.  My sleep debt is down to about an hour and a half…  If only it were higher – I might feel sleepy right now.  It’s 9:17pm and I’m wide awake, so tomorrow morning will be bad.  Good thing we are now doing protein shakes and great espresso :P

With our schedule being irregular the last few days and free time being spent on movies and other recreation and entertainment, since we know our free time will be scarce soon, we have been slacking in our nightly quiet time, and Wesley’s bedtime reading.  This is not good.  I don’t like our routine being disrupted and I wish her new work schedule would hurry up and start so we can start working out what our new routine will be.

Tonight, when Terra was brushing Wesley’s teeth, Moogle decided he wanted lovings…