Thursday, sept 27, 2012

Watched Superman the Movie on Netflix streaming with Wesley tonight.  Haven’t seen it since I was a kid and it was his first time.  I was impressed with what a good movie it was sometimes and what a bad movie it was other times.

We intend to start a new morning routine tomorrow now that we think we can see what a typical day will be like for us from now on.  We lost things like prayer time and her homework for her church classes since she started this new schedule and we think we’ve finally figured out how those evening activities will fit into our mornings.

Now it would be nice if she would get home from work before midnight most nights so we can do some of the things we planned for some wind down time so she doesn’t have to come home from work and go straight to bed.
She’s only had one midnight but a handful of elevens and those were mostly bad because I was too tired and just wanted to go to bed.  (Of course, my sleep debt is currently over ten hours.)  It’s just that we’re early bedtime people, conditioned to start getting lethargic and tired once the sun is down, and this trying to feel wide awake at ten o’clock and later is all new to us.

Speaking of our new schedule, she agreed to work a twelve on Sunday but it’s 6a-6p followed by her weekend so it’s not all bad.  But we will miss church.

It’s nearly 11 and I don’t know how long until she’ll get home so I think I’ll finally read The Walking Dead #102 while I wait. This is the first time I’ve held one in my hand – we read all previous 101 issues on our phones.

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