Siphon tweaking, ending Walking Dead season 2

Episode 11 of the second season of AMC’s The Walking Dead really broke our hearts. It’s good to see the show abiding by the rule of the comic that anyone can die anytime but why kill that one??? I have been extremely impressed with how much is changed in the show so that we who’ve read one hundred and two issues (and counting) of the comic book (excuse me – graphic novel) can still be surprised. It is sort of a parallel universe Walking Dead in that it is no better or worse than the comics – the characters, situations, storylines, etc. are all equally as good in both versions – it’s just different so that if you know one and start into the other, you don’t have to compare or know what’s gonna happen next. We watched the 12th episode today and then there’s just one to go :(

I posted that vid of my siphon coffee making technique and it’s already obsolete. I did some reading and for the last couple days I’m using a finer grind and a 70-75 second brew time. I should know better. Every year than to make a video so soon. I dust off a method I haven’t used in months (iced in summer, siphon in fall, etc.) and have to remember all I knew about it before and it takes awhile. That’s why I should make more videos. Get it nailed down and then I can view it when needed.
Anyway, we like the coffee better this way though we’re using cheap beans so therefore can’t expect much, no matter how well we know what we’re doing.

Watched Event Horizon with Nina tonight – her first time. It’s a favorite of mine but I don’t defend it as a good movie. It’s just a Christopher kind of movie.

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