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Recent tweets as of Apr 16, 2014

  • Me: “I got two words for dinner tonight… Kentucky Fried Chicken.”
    Wife: “That’s three words.”
    Me: “Your momma! THAT’S two words!” 12:48:27, 2014-04-13
  • 15 eps in and consistently blown away by season 5 of #NorthernExposure – they perfected the show. (And then ruined it in season 6.) 18:28:17, 2014-04-13
  • We’ve passed noon on a Monday with nothing dead. Perhaps the streak has been broken. 12:20:27, 2014-04-14
  • I’m having Wesley rename and organize a bunch of media files on the PS3 for me. He can take the trash out, too. I’ve waited years for this. 10:06:53, 2014-04-15
  • RT @RELEVANT: A good relationship takes more than just two compatible people. Here are 8 things healthy couples don’t do. http://t.co/XWrhy… 10:11:29, 2014-04-15
  • Four months later, family photos in dining room project done, Wesley’s life photos by his bedroom door project done. 12:25:26, 2014-04-15
  • Whole house = 118 photos in 93 frames. Yes, mostly Walmart prints (sometimes of phone pics) in mostly Dollar Store frames, but still. 12:30:07, 2014-04-15
  • There’s a realtor sign at the abandoned house across the street!! A family was walking it earlier and ya know what they had? A LITTLE BOY!!! 13:24:47, 2014-04-15
  • RT @LosGriego: Listening to people w/o kids talk about how parents should only buy organic food, reminds me how much expendable income I ha… 16:57:00, 2014-04-15
  • RT @RELEVANT: The American church does an good job of catering to our emotions, but we should love God with our intellect as well. http://t… 17:01:19, 2014-04-15

Recent tweets as of Apr 8, 2014

Great Sunday

Breakfast burritos, brushed with butter, baked 20@425, smothered with green chile cheese sauce, iced coffee on the side. I think the recipe is perfected and we’re loving this new Sunday tradition.

Went to church, confirmed our visit to the Steubers’ tomorrow, confirmed Kathy Force coming for dinner next Monday, invited Pastor Aaron Force (Kathy’s son, btw) for next Wednesday coffee.
This is great.

Finally got to show Terra my family photo/video montage for July.

Awesome SPN tonight.
KFC for dinner. Got to try the boneless. Amazing. Great Loveline from 2004 during dinner.
In PSO, we started from Forest 1 and made it just a little ways into Cave 3, both gained a couple levels. I forgot to note specifics but we’re both now in the high teens. While we listened to all three hours of Art Bell w/ George Lutz – the dad in The Amityville Horror incident.

Now falling asleep to 1966’s Fantastic Voyage.

Oh, and tomorrow starts the big bad change. We made a video talking about it and our reasons. I am trying to focus on the good it will bring.

And so, a new life begins… Again.

Seems every few months, we start a new way of life and another ends. Always beginning and ending. When is the happy middle? You know, when everything is mostly consistent and predictable, you can take a refreshing breath and know what today will be and just relax and enjoy. Like when you put on your favorite movie you’ve seen a hundred times and, about 15 minutes in, you enter this mindset – you’re in a familiar place wherein you know what to expect, what comes next, and how long you will be there.
Maybe that mindset doesn’t exist in life.


So, tomorrow, Terra goes to work 6am to 6pm. And the same on Friday and Saturday. And that’s the new schedule. We’ll be going to bed at 8pm, getting up at 4am to get her ready for work.
She’s been working Fri-Sun 6p-6a since December. Our life has been anything but normal since. Work days means a lot of being quiet all day while she sleeps until 3p and Wesley only sees her for an hour or so when he gets home and she’s getting ready for work. She gets up at noon on Monday, after only 5 hours of sleep so she has some semblance of a day. Tuesday she gets up at 9am. Wednesday and Thursday she gets up with me and Wesley at 7. See? Trying to slide into a day schedule for her days off. Thursday she stays up as late as she can and tries to sleep until 3p on Friday.
See how complicated that has been? And, no matter what she does, she’s tired every day.

So, this is a good change. Well, mostly. Working day shift will he more stressful. How stressful remains to be seen. Plus, we’ve liked going to this other church on Wednesday nights. It’s also sad to lose our family time on the couch four nights a week but nights sort of won’t exist for us anymore. We’re going to one evening a week (Wednesday) to stay caught up on our audio theater adventures :) (We’re currently working our way through NPR Star Wars.)

But, the best part of all of this will be her not being tired all the time and being on a natural/normal rhythm of sleeping nights and waking up early. We’ll have four long, full days together as a family every week. We’ll go back to our home church on Sunday mornings. Oh, and speaking of Sundays, we’re gonna start having weekly slumber party nights again, something we haven’t been able to regularly do since September. And I am excited to have three full work days while she’s gone. I’ll be more or less working when she is and this house will sparkle.

So, we’re cautiously optimistic. Most people know I cannot function outside of rigid routine and we had a pretty solid one – albeit unpleasant – for a while now. Time to re-write, experiment, try and err, and figure out a new one. But, we’ve got a lot more to work with now.

Here’s to moving toward a happy middle! :)

Juice vapemail, sofa table

We’ve been on the flavor thing again. Probably a couple years since we tried new juices. Got stuff from Roar (Alchemy sampler, Chocolate Strawberry) and Backwoods Brew (Malty Toffee, Root Beer). So far, nothing outstanding, even after the hot water “steeping” (more like breathing) treatment. Waiting for my Ecto from Black Velvet tomorrow. The Ecto from Juicy Vapors is the best thing I’ve vaped in a long time.
Thinking about posting reviews.

Tomorrow I start my new meal plan and shopping schedule. Just when I get a whole new way all figured out, she may be getting a schedule change soon at work. More on that as it develops.

Made my baked burritos tonight. They’re awesome. I need to make a recipe post.

Her pink Vamo still isn’t here. I really don’t think it will be here in time for her birthday.

Our new sofa table our neighbor gave us is very nice and adds a lot to the room…



Still working on a better idea than the Bible. But, it’s got enough candles so I don’t think we’ll do a big one.

Made only iced Americanos today – trying to cut down on the delicious, creamy cold drinks I’ve been making lately.

Tuesday, sept 11, 2012

We got a couple small bottles of Torani syrup at Walmart the other day, caramel and vanilla.  This morning, I made Terra an iced vanilla latte and I had an iced caramel Americano.
We really do avoid flavoring coffee – we see it as what people do to cover the taste of bad coffee – we keep it on hand for guests who insist on flavorings.  But, needless to say, we currently have bad coffee that could use some covering up.  At least until we can get some more practice and better beans.

Btw, both drinks took between 9 and 10 minutes each to make, from pulling out the grinder to cleanup completion.  I make one drink at a time and like to be fully reset after each – everything clean and put away.

No phones in bed seems to have worked – I slept nine and a half hours last night!  I’ve been using a sleep tracking app since August 1 and so I can say definitively that it’s the most sleep I’ve gotten in over a month, at least.


I am almost caught up on my Bible reading plan, thanks to the YouVersion Bible app‘s feature that will read you your daily portion out loud.  (I’m using the ESV translation, which has an audio version – not all do.)

After several days of not being able to connect to my favorite internet radio station, 181.fm – Chill, I posted on their Facebook page to see if anyone else had this issue and got an immediate reply from Curtis, who works there doing I don’t know what.  He not only got me going again (he gave me a special backdoor stream link!) but even put me in touch with a guy named Justin, who is the one who actually programs the station!  It was like meeting one of the artists themselves and I drooled all over him telling him how much and for how long I’ve loved his station.  I told him it truly is the soundtrack of our life.

Did some house cleaning, still caught up on laundry.

Terra worked her side job this morning, came home for lunch, and then had to go see her patient in Bibo (hour and a half or so away and out of cell range) and, when she gets back, she has an interview at a place very close to here that called her this morning because of a resume she turned in there in MARCH.  Praying praying praying…
UPDATE:  She got the job!  She starts pretty much immediately and the pay is great.  BUT, it’s a bad schedule.  2p-10p, 4 on, 2 off.  Hmm…  A steady paycheck is great.  And it’s a nursing home, so it will be steady hours, and that’s great.  But, still.  She’s going to take it but we’re not looking forward to what this is going to do to our home life and our evening church-related stuff – both very important to us.

The garage door didn’t close when she hit the button on the remote this morning.  Took me forever to figure out it was the sun shining on the sensor, so I leaned a piece of flooring tile against it to make a shadow and it seems to be working.  Wow…  I fixed something :P

I mixed up a big batch of vape liquid today.  I have always just made a 30mL bottle at a time until all the nicotine liquid is gone but this time I used a condiment squeeze bottle, poured in all the nicotine liquid, then added 4 parts VG to that and shook it up.  We got some strawberry flavoring with this shipment for her, so I then took a smaller bottle and put one part flavoring, then filled it with four parts of the liquid I made.  I hope she likes it.  I’ve never made flavored stuff before.

We got our first electric bill.  It only covers 10 days but it’s $62.  That’s a huge relief.  We’ve been scared how much utilities would be and, if it’s only gonna be less than a couple hundred bucks a month in the summer time (we have AC, not an evap cooler) then we’ll be fine :)

After dinner, we watched my DVD of 9/11 – she’d never seen it and I haven’t watched it in a few years.

I guess tomorrow, she quits her job in preparation for the new one.  Big changes coming…

What a great day :)

Woke up (late – I guess lack of sleep caught up to me) to find the breakfast crock pot casserole thing turned out pretty good.
We love this new house, new dining room set, and loved eating a nice breakfast as a family in the morning light in a nice dining room at a nice table.
I made cappuccinos and they weren’t too bad.  I clearly need more practice and better beans.

We saw quite a few balloons this morning, a few were close enough to identify in our book we keep by the windows.  The Camelot, Sandia Sunrise, and Hearts A’Fire all came quite close.
So that was awesome.

Made it to church on time – that’s always good.

After church, we went over to the Cottonwood Walmart and got Way Out West biscochitos (the best I’ve ever had and they’re not widely available) for Miss Karen’s visit.
We rushed home to clean up a bit of mess in the kitchen, got the table set with the plates and napkins, and put on Couer de Pirate’s first album, which we thought she’d like since she is a piano player and music is a very big part of her life in many ways.
We put all that effort into it because we love having guests that much :)
(For the record, we knew the plates and napkins wouldn’t even be used – they just make the table look so nice!)
I brought out the rarely-used tabletop siphon and made coffee for the ladies (we also picked up butane at the Walmart) and served it with the biscochitos.  We had an awesome visit with her :)


She is a dear friend we knew at church in Alamogordo – she was the main planner of our wedding and moved up here a couple months before we did and we haven’t seen her since then.

Btw, she gave us a hand-made card as a house-warming gift…


After she left, I gave Wesley a bath, Terra made a little dinner, and then we watched Explorers – a childhood favorite of mine they’d never seen that is suddenly available on Netflix streaming – a very pleasant surprise.

Wesley was complaining of a headache during Miss Karen’s visit and fell asleep on the couch.  He rarely falls asleep during the day.  During the movie he was feeling hot.  Terra gave him some children’s Tylenol and we brought his mattress into our room and he’s sleeping on the floor.  He’s asleep already – when I get done typing this up, I’ll go feel him again.

The weather today was awesome again, very cool.  In the early and late part of the day, we had all the doors and windows open – was still too warm to do that in the warmest part of the day before two and four.  But it does feel like fall is finally coming.

Anyway, all in all, a great, full day.
Tomorrow, we have to get up at 530 so she can head for work in Grants at 7 and obviously he may or may not be going to school.  She has two job interviews this week, we have a school meeting, she starts the self-confrontation class on Wednesday evening, so this will be a very busy week.

finally Friday?

It hardly matters since Terra’s side job is on Saturdays and we have to get up at the usual time anyway. Though, she’s usually home by 11 or 12 and then the weekend begins. And this weekend should be a good one :)

I copped out and made tuna helper tonight. The chicken bake thing I was gonna make has been postponed until tomorrow when Terra and I are gonna make it together.

I haven’t played Words with Friends in what? A week? I was addicted for a few days but now (not even a month later), I just think it isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.

I didn’t ever get to the load of laundry in the dryer today. And I’ve been slacking on house cleaning.

Made iced Americanos this morning. Terra made them this afternoon. They’re easy. Summer is usually boring at our bar. Meh.

The shots are coming out weird. After about an ounce, we’re getting large bubbles. These are cheap beans but we’d swear this had never been such a consistent issue before – it happens to both of us, every time we pull a shot. We’d been using some months-old (but vac-bagged) cheap beans but it’s also happening on the beans we just got today. They’re also cheap beans – and the same brand (8 O’clock) but, again, we don’t remember this ever being an issue before. And we used these back then, too.

Terra has two job interviews next week – one at a methadone clinic in tha hood, one with a home care place.

We have Wesley’s IEP meeting next week, too.

Placed an order with FreedomSmokeUSA for some pure nicotine liquid so I can start making my own vape liquid again and we won’t have to pay the stupid price of buying it in a shop.

We all watched some YouTube videos before quiet time tonight – I showed them The Two Talking Cats, Trololo Guy, and The Algorithm Match, for instance.

Got a related posts plugin for this here blog. Kinda depressing. My old blog had years of posts to choose from. Someday, I hope to make a friend that can retrieve all those old posts out of my broke blog so I can import them into this one.

Btw, after two or three weeks of no lethargy, it suddenly hit again this afternoon. So tired I felt like I was trying to walk underwater. Just drained all over my body. It went away after a couple hours or so. But it really sucked while it lasted.

Only two balloons this morning. And far away, as usual. I really miss having a great view of them every morning.

After Wesley went to bed, Terra and I stayed up until 11p, listening to my old tapes of Ruby 3 and working on a puzzle we got from the thrift store. It’s one of those story, solve-the-mystery-by-solving-the-puzzle ones they used to make. (Or do they still?) We made good progress but want it to last three sittings (maybe a Friday night ritual).
We started the night with Irish cream mixed with espresso on ice and poured another Irish cream at each episode break :)

And, for my final thought, how about a pic of some goofy dork with napkin rings on his eyes?

I know him.
He brushes my teeth every morning.