finally Friday?

It hardly matters since Terra’s side job is on Saturdays and we have to get up at the usual time anyway. Though, she’s usually home by 11 or 12 and then the weekend begins. And this weekend should be a good one :)

I copped out and made tuna helper tonight. The chicken bake thing I was gonna make has been postponed until tomorrow when Terra and I are gonna make it together.

I haven’t played Words with Friends in what? A week? I was addicted for a few days but now (not even a month later), I just think it isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.

I didn’t ever get to the load of laundry in the dryer today. And I’ve been slacking on house cleaning.

Made iced Americanos this morning. Terra made them this afternoon. They’re easy. Summer is usually boring at our bar. Meh.

The shots are coming out weird. After about an ounce, we’re getting large bubbles. These are cheap beans but we’d swear this had never been such a consistent issue before – it happens to both of us, every time we pull a shot. We’d been using some months-old (but vac-bagged) cheap beans but it’s also happening on the beans we just got today. They’re also cheap beans – and the same brand (8 O’clock) but, again, we don’t remember this ever being an issue before. And we used these back then, too.

Terra has two job interviews next week – one at a methadone clinic in tha hood, one with a home care place.

We have Wesley’s IEP meeting next week, too.

Placed an order with FreedomSmokeUSA for some pure nicotine liquid so I can start making my own vape liquid again and we won’t have to pay the stupid price of buying it in a shop.

We all watched some YouTube videos before quiet time tonight – I showed them The Two Talking Cats, Trololo Guy, and The Algorithm Match, for instance.

Got a related posts plugin for this here blog. Kinda depressing. My old blog had years of posts to choose from. Someday, I hope to make a friend that can retrieve all those old posts out of my broke blog so I can import them into this one.

Btw, after two or three weeks of no lethargy, it suddenly hit again this afternoon. So tired I felt like I was trying to walk underwater. Just drained all over my body. It went away after a couple hours or so. But it really sucked while it lasted.

Only two balloons this morning. And far away, as usual. I really miss having a great view of them every morning.

After Wesley went to bed, Terra and I stayed up until 11p, listening to my old tapes of Ruby 3 and working on a puzzle we got from the thrift store. It’s one of those story, solve-the-mystery-by-solving-the-puzzle ones they used to make. (Or do they still?) We made good progress but want it to last three sittings (maybe a Friday night ritual).
We started the night with Irish cream mixed with espresso on ice and poured another Irish cream at each episode break :)

And, for my final thought, how about a pic of some goofy dork with napkin rings on his eyes?

I know him.
He brushes my teeth every morning.

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