Juice vapemail, sofa table

We’ve been on the flavor thing again. Probably a couple years since we tried new juices. Got stuff from Roar (Alchemy sampler, Chocolate Strawberry) and Backwoods Brew (Malty Toffee, Root Beer). So far, nothing outstanding, even after the hot water “steeping” (more like breathing) treatment. Waiting for my Ecto from Black Velvet tomorrow. The Ecto from Juicy Vapors is the best thing I’ve vaped in a long time.
Thinking about posting reviews.

Tomorrow I start my new meal plan and shopping schedule. Just when I get a whole new way all figured out, she may be getting a schedule change soon at work. More on that as it develops.

Made my baked burritos tonight. They’re awesome. I need to make a recipe post.

Her pink Vamo still isn’t here. I really don’t think it will be here in time for her birthday.

Our new sofa table our neighbor gave us is very nice and adds a lot to the room…



Still working on a better idea than the Bible. But, it’s got enough candles so I don’t think we’ll do a big one.

Made only iced Americanos today – trying to cut down on the delicious, creamy cold drinks I’ve been making lately.

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