Great Sunday

Breakfast burritos, brushed with butter, baked 20@425, smothered with green chile cheese sauce, iced coffee on the side. I think the recipe is perfected and we’re loving this new Sunday tradition.

Went to church, confirmed our visit to the Steubers’ tomorrow, confirmed Kathy Force coming for dinner next Monday, invited Pastor Aaron Force (Kathy’s son, btw) for next Wednesday coffee.
This is great.

Finally got to show Terra my family photo/video montage for July.

Awesome SPN tonight.
KFC for dinner. Got to try the boneless. Amazing. Great Loveline from 2004 during dinner.
In PSO, we started from Forest 1 and made it just a little ways into Cave 3, both gained a couple levels. I forgot to note specifics but we’re both now in the high teens. While we listened to all three hours of Art Bell w/ George Lutz – the dad in The Amityville Horror incident.

Now falling asleep to 1966’s Fantastic Voyage.

Oh, and tomorrow starts the big bad change. We made a video talking about it and our reasons. I am trying to focus on the good it will bring.

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