Tweets from Thu, Feb 27, 2014

  • Pastor Mark brought a DeLonghi he found at a thrift store and I’ve spent the morning cleaning and testing it for him. 10:24:53
  • I have so little to do and so much time! Wait, strike that, reverse it, carry on. 16:05:50
  • Beginning the process of upgrading our PS3 HDD to a 250GB SSD that Pastor Mark bought for us. I’ll do the main work on it tomorrow. 17:14:22
  • Yes, it happened in ABQ… KRQE – Burned by the Media – Million Dollar coffee lawsuit 17:55:10
  • RT @WhatsTheHarm: What’s the harm in herbal remedies? Study finds 60% contain ingredients not matching their label.
  • RT @LosGriego: It seems that many are more concerned about the end of Christendom in this country than concerned about their neighbor. #Got20:58:43

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